(Original air date: Wednesday, April 10th, 2013)

Matt Kirshen
International comedian Matt Kirshen joins the family today. Originally from London, Matt has a reputation for precision wit and even earned a spot as a finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing." Today, Matt gives us a taste of his hysterical stand-up routine, along with the hilarious story behind his memorable smile. And, the fish literally fly when Matt and Cristina face off in the "Home & Family" Fish & Chips challenge. And later, Matt shares a recipe for a traditional British favorite, beans on toast! And, make sure your follow him on Twitter @MattKirshen.

Dian Thomas
Adventure guide and author Dian Thomas is back with more fun family crafts. First, Dian shows how to turn a plain watermelon into a friendly whale, complete with a working blow hole! And, Dian has more creativity up her sleeve when she teaches how to turn a red wagon into a barbecue and uses it to cook her recipe for Meatloaf-Stuffed Onions.

The "Home & Family" Pregnancy Series
Ruzan, Natalie, and Dr. Hyman are back for another edition of the "Home & Family" pregnancy series. After a quick check-in with our moms-to-be, Dr. Hyman starts today's conversation on advance planning by creating a birth plan. A birth plan gives you a chance to think about and discuss with your partner and caregiver how you'd ideally like your baby's birth to be handled. The plan helps guide decisions in the unpredictable situation of childbirth. Today, Dr. Hyman explains how to create a plan and also offers useful tips and advice to help our expecting moms prepare their own birthing plans. And, make sure you keep up with mom-to-be Natalie Thomas on Twitter @natsnextadv.

DIY Expert Barbara Kavovit
DIY and home improvement expert Barbara "K" Kavovit stops by to tell us about DIYVA, her new line of tools designed specifically with women in mind. Having started her own construction company at 21, Barbara is the perfect spokeswoman for empowering women to take DIY into their own hands. Today, Barbara gives a demonstration of her unique DIYVA line of fashionable and functional tools for women along with a few of her other women centered products!

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Claire Herring
Claire Herring, co-founder of, pays a visit to play a brain game with us and explain why it's important to keep your brain healthy. Claire demonstrates how playing a few simple games can help to cross train your brain and improve your overall cognitive reflexes. And later, Claire gets the grey matter flexing when she lets today's family members play a few rounds!

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