Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy
Toot, Toot! Come aboard the Hot Tamale Train today with Mary Murphy and her eardrum piercing scream. The " So You Think You Can Dance?" judge talks about her enthusiasm as she awards contestants with tickets on her locomotive. She also reveals her pre-show rituals. Then, the ballroom expert teaches Mark how to shake his hips!

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Matthew Hussey
NY Times bestselling author Matthew Hussey (" Get the Guy") explains his theory about shyness and how it can be interpreted as having a boring personality. The relationship expert addresses how women need to overcome their insecurities to act more extroverted, thus attracting potential love interests.

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Lindsay Albanese
Style expert Lindsay Albanese is here today to present a mail-order clothing service that is like the "Netflix of fashion." For only $49 per month, subscribers can rent an unlimited amount of apparel and accessories from Personalized online stylists determine your looks based off of a questionnaire you submit. In each LeTote package, you receive three garments and two accessories. Whether you consider yourself a trendsetter, girly girl, preppy, edgy, or bohemian, Lindsay assures that LeTote is stock full of options for all women. Even better, there aren't return dates or late fees. And, if you fall in love with your items, a price list is included to purchase them.

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Home & Family Wedding Series Honeymoon

"Home & Family" Wedding Series: Gabi & Charlie's Honeymoon
Newlyweds Gabi and Charlie Bontempo are back from their tropical Hawaiian honeymoon where they were wined and dined with fabulous food. The resort made for a romantic getaway to paradise. The couple share a bunch of beautiful snapshots of their memorable trip. They also give us a glimpse of their stunning wedding album with portraits from Laura Grier of

Cristina Cooks Tex-Mex Rice Salad Wrap

Cristina Cooks Tex-Mex Rice Salad Wrap
Using Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Instant Brown Rice, Cristina makes a Tex-Mex rice salad. You can eat it salad-style or wrap it up in a leaf of butter lettuce. Cristina also mixes together a creamy dressing with a dijon mustard base. or

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Ultherapy Reveal
It's been two months since we witnessed Suzanne Browning get Ultherapy treatment live, right here on "Home & Family." She's proud to reveal her more refined, youthful look today. Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani, medical director of the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Medical Associates, explains that this ultrasound based technology is approved by the FDA as a non-invasive facelift procedure. Suzanne's before-and-after profile is remarkable and the best results aren't noticeable until 3-6 months after this 1-time treatment.

Your Old Scarf Could Win You a New Neck!
For a limited time, you can mail-in an old, neck-hiding scarf for a chance to win an Ultherapy treatment, the only procedure FDA-cleared for a non-invasive neck lift. Visit for contest details. And don’t worry, shipping for that old scarf is pre-paid!

*Disclaimer: Official contest rules and terms and conditions are available at Value of prize is up to $5,000. Contest ends August 31, 2013; winner will be selected randomly by September 13, 2013. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. As with any medical procedure, there are possible risks and variation in outcomes associated with the Ultherapy treatment. It is important to discuss the Ultherapy treatment with your healthcare professional to fully understand the treatment and risks.

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Hot Flash Sales
Sandie Newton is back for her ritual Thursday hot flash sales. This week, it's a major end-of-season blowout with savings of up to 80%! She features a necklace seen on Julia Roberts and haircare products favored by Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, and Sharon Stone. You too can look and feel like a star with these great deals.
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Mark's DIY Tufting

Mark's DIY Tufting
Mark and Cristina demonstrate how to cushion and tuft the seat of stool. You can also use this technique on other furniture pieces, such as a headboard, footboard, or bench.