(Original air date: Thursday, May 9th, 2013)

Angela Kinsey & Oscar Nunez of "The Office"
From the hit comedy " The Office," Angela Kinsey & Oscar Nunez stop by the show today! As fans mourn the series finale, Oscar & Angela share memories from the show and they've even brought along a clip from one of the final episodes! Plus, Angela shows a great new way for parents to discover new and innovative products. And, all of today's family members get together for a special "Office" edition of "Home & Family Feud"!

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Cristina's Egg Salad

Cristina Cooks for National Egg Month
May is a wonderful time of year when the weather gets warm, we celebrate Mother's Day, and we also celebrate "the incredible, edible egg!" Today, in honor of National Egg Month, Cristina shares some 'egg-tastic' recipies, including her sensational Egg Salad!

Baby Sign Language with Laura Berg
Founder of My Smart Hands, Laura Berg offers insight into a growing trend in parenting; using sign language to develop early communication skills in infants and toddlers. As young children are developing verbal skills, parents around the country are using American Sign Language as a bridge to communicate with their kids. Today, Laura shows us how to teach sign language to a baby and explains its benefits in infant development.

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The Beatles tribute band RAIN

RAIN "A Tribute to the Beatles"
If you never got to see the Beatles perform live, then today's musical guests may be the next best thing! The group known as RAIN has been hailed as one of the best tribute bands ever! Today, RAIN performs a Beatles medley worthy of the Fab Four!

RAIN is currently on tour. Visit their website, to get tickets or to find out when they're playing near you!

Actress & Gardening Expert Anne-Marie Johnson

Anne-Marie Johnson's Repurposed Planters
Actress and gardening guru Anne-Marie Johnson is back today with more great gardening ideas! Today, Anne-Marie shows how to turn everyday household items into a beautiful planters. You'll be able to make Anne-Marie's repurposed planters in no time and they are perfect for anyone of any gardening level!

Hot Flash Sales
Sandie Newton serves up more great products at rockbottom prices! Today, Sandie has some all-weather scarves, designer nail polish, and more! And, like always, we've got an adorable four-legged guest from Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail! And, don't forget to like us on Facebook for exclusive deals to our "Home & Family" friends!
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Tracy Metro Clothing Swap Party
Lifestyle expert Tracy Metro gives us the 411 on throwing a fun and fabulous clothing swap party. Clothes swapping parties are where yard sale meets the mall. Invite your stylish friends and their equally stylish old clothes and get ready for a shopping-palooza in your home! Plus, Tracy has some great advice on how have fun donating what's left!

How to throw a clothing swap party!
1. Play hostess.
2. Get organized. 3. Set some ground rules. 4. Donate what doesn't get claimed. To donate clothes to "Clothes for Souls," visit the website and click "Peel It Off."

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Magic Prints from Hallmark
Continuing the Countdown to Mother's Day, Cristina demonstrates a fun and creative gift, courtesy of Hallmark Cards! Today, Cristina shows the Hallmark Magic Prints Collection, a unique new craft that 'magically' allows you to capture life's special moments. Magic Prints are a perfect gift for anyone and allow you to hold on to those special memories for years.

"Magic Prints" gifts from Hallmark are perfect for Mother's Day!