Comedienne and flamenco guitarist Charo teaches Mark and Cristina her signature "cuchi-cuchi" dance style. After they dance it out, the expert guitarist strums her way through a song. She returns later to play even more music.
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Sunglasses with Kym Douglas

The sun is shining, so Kym Douglas is here to help us select sunglasses to shield our eyes from the rays. The shape of your face determines the frames that best suit you. Kym has fashionable lens options for every face shape- square, oval, heart, or round. Use the promo code HOME at for $5 off an order of $25 or more.

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Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Cooks Panzerotti Di Maria

Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Cooks Panzerotti Di Maria
Chef Luigi Diotaiuti brings us his sister's Panzerotti Di Maria recipe all the way from Italy. This sweet or savory delight can be infused with all sorts of fillings. Today, Luigi wraps boiled chestnuts in the pastry.

Wardrobe Overhaul with Lawrence Zarian

Lawrence Zarian's Step-by-Step Guide to Looking & Feeling Better
In the decades since first debuting on the fashion scene, Lawrence Zarian has had an everlasting presence in the world of makeovers. The advice he delivers to each and every woman is to shop and dress for their body type and budget, while remaining realistic and celebrating their natural curves. In his new book, "Lawrence Zarian's 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe," the style guru takes fashionistas-in-the-making on a journey towards loving their reflection and becoming their own stylist. He also tells us the must-haves that should be in every lady's wardrobe, how to accessorize, and how to take our makeup from day to night.
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Top 5 Cosmetic Surgeries for Men & Women with Dr. Anthony Youn

Are you thinking about getting a little nip/tuck? Before going under the knife, listen closely to what board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, FACS has to say. He cautions men and women about the dangers of some risky breast augmentation and buttocks enhancement procedures rising in popularity. He also explains the evolution of silicone implants and the emergence of stem cell usage. Plus, Dr. Youn discusses the difference between permanent versus non-permanent filler injections. For more information on Dr. Youn, go to

Naturally Dying Easter Eggs with Sophie Uliano

Naturally Dying Easter Eggs with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano teaches us how to color Easter eggs using ingredients from the produce section of the grocery store. This non-toxic alternative to traditional dye is fun for kids and keeps the whole family safe from chemicals. Sophie extracts pastel colors from spinach, carrots, raspberries, cranberries, chlorophyll, red cabbage, and more! Then, she makes a pattern on the shell by placing an onion-wrapped egg in warm water.
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Hollywood Steals

Treat your mom extra special this Mother's Day! Sophie Uliano has some great picks to help you shop for the perfect gift. In this week's installment of Hollywood Steals, you can buy beautiful strands of pears for as low as $70. For the jetsetting mom, an organizational travel set to keep her toiletries and jewelry in order is less then $20. Also coming in under $20, personalized charm bracelets. And, a blender is great to grab a homemade frappuccino as you're headed out the door because it comes with a travel lid. Plus, snuggle up with a spa-like six-piece set of plush cotton towels for a bargain price of $39. To take advantage of these Hollywood Steals and more, call 1-855-655-STEAL (1-855-655-7832) or visit

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How to Change a Tire with Matt Rogers

How to Change a Tire with Matt Rogers
Never be stranded on the side of the road again. Matt Rogers is here to stress the importance of regular tire maintenance by monitoring air pressure monthly, checking the tread depth, and rotating tires. Toyota of Hollywood technician Christopher Alvarado demonstrates how to remove an old tire safely. Then, he is joined by colleague Justin Mabera and our pit crew, who compete to see which team can change a tire the fastest.
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