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Today on Home & Family: The Schroder Family

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Ricky Schroder & Family
From the Hallmark Movie Channel Original " Our Wild Hearts," all 6 members of the Schroder family join Home & Family today! Ricky, Andrea, and all the Schroder kids share how making the movie was a true family affair. And later, Mark and Cristina turn on the time machine and show some of Ricky's breakdancing skills. Plus, Ricky's daughters Cambrie and Faith prove that the talent didn't stop with dad!

>"> WATCH Ricky, Andrea, and the Schroder kids talk about their new movie, "Our Wild Hearts">>

"Our Wild Hearts" premieres March 9th at 8/7c on Hallmark Movie Channel: www.hallmarkmoviechannel.com/hmc/ourwildhearts.

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Country Artist Phoenix Stone
Phoenix Stone signed his first recording deal as a teenager and started his first music label shortly after. Phoenix went on to produce and work with some of the biggest names in music and was the founding member of the Backstreet Boys. Today Phoenix recalls his experience working in the industry from a young age and how that's motivated his return to his country roots. Plus, Phoenix sings a few samples from his new album, "100 Proof Moonshine."

Get more music and tour dates from Phoenix Stone at: www.PhoenixStoneOfficial.com.

Plus, you can follow Phoenix on Facebook at www.facebook.com/phoenixstonefans and twitter at @phoenixstone1.

Catch Phoenix Stone on the "Next Great Family Band!"

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Cristina Cooks
Cristina grabs some fresh herbs from the new garden before heading into the kitchen to cook a hearty Pozole for today's guests. Pozloe is a traditional Mexican soup made today with fresh cilantro and hominy. Plus, this recipe is the perfect way to warm up when you come in out of the cold.

Get Cristina's Pozole recipe here>>

Get more great recipes from Cristina at: www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

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DIY Bracelets with Andrea Schroder
Andrea Schroder, along with daughters Cambrie and Faith, share a simple jewelry crafting project today. Stretch bracelets can be expensive in stores, but with Andrea's tips you can craft for your own for next to nothing. And, as the girls share, you can create your own original look with just some time and creativity!
Get Andrea Schroder's DIY Stretch Bracelets>>

Get more great crafting ideas from Andrea Schroder at: www.andreaschroder.com.

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Home & Family Fishing
Fishing is a wonderful way to bond with the family and create lifelong memories. Today Ricky Schroder and his sons Luke and Holden teach some of the basics of fishing. The guys teach Mark how to cast using a fresh, salt, and fly-fishing rig. Plus, the guys show how you can get some practice even when you're not on the water!

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DIY Wainscoting
From "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," Paige Hemmis joins the family today. Paige is a self-taught carpenter and skilled homebuilder. Today, Paige demonstrates how you can add your own wainscoting for a fraction of the cost charged by a builder. Plus, using Paige's tips, you'll be able to customize the wainscoting to suit the style and feel of your home.
Get Paige Hemmis' DIY Wainscoting tips here>>

Get more from Paige Hemmis at her site: www.paigehemmis.com.

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Hot Flash Sale
It's time for Sandie Newton's "Fab 4" items in this week's Hot Flash Sale! Watches, rugs, and jewelry are all available this week at super discounted prices. And, don't forget to "like" us on Facebook for this week's bonus items!

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Make sure you visit this week's animal charity organization: www.luckypuppyrescueandretail.org.

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Shirley Bovshow
Adding some beautiful accents to the Home & Family deck is the host of the Garden World Report and garden designer extraordinaire, Shirley Bovshow! Today Shirley shows how she created a perimeter garden space while keeping the deck space open. Shirley's tips are perfect for creating a gorgeous garden in a semi-permanent space or for anyone interested in creating a seasonal garden space. Plus, Shirley has some great advice on how you can use those leftover plant flats.

WATCH Garden Designer Shirley Bovshow show how she created our beautiful deck garden>>

Make sure you visit Shirley at www.gardenworldreport.com and on twitter at @GardenWreport.

All of today's plants were provided by Armstrong Garden Centers: www.armstronggarden.com.

All the soil was provided by: www.Kellogggarden.com.