Today on Home & Family The Home & Family Boston Marathon Special
In the wake of the tragic events in Boston, prior to today's regular episode, Mark and Cristina talked with witnesses, law enforcement officials, and psychologists about the national tragedy. During today's special conversation they provided insights to help families and children cope with the events.

The Braxton Family
From the hit reality series " Braxton Family Values," Evelyn, Traci, Towanda, and Tamar Braxton are in the house today! The Braxton family women join Mark & Cristina to chat about the show, their family, and more. Plus, baby sister Tamar chats about her upcoming addition to the family! And later, all the Braxtons jump into the kitchen to share their recipe for homemade crab cakes! Plus, the ladies join all of today's family members for a round of "Home & Family Feud!"

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Annie Sloan
Decorative painting expert Annie Sloan is back with the family today! Annie is back with her unique creation, chalk paint, to show how the paint works on fabric. Today Annie invigorates some drab old chairs while demonstrating some useful tips to painting furniture.

Annie Sloan's Fabric Painting Steps:
· You want to dilute the paint with water so that it is liquid enough to absorb in the fabric. Paint needs to soak into the "top" of the chair, rather than all the way though – what you are trying to avoid is thick paint that clogs up the pile and feels hard and crusty on drying. If you think the paint might still be too thick, add some more water and use a scrubbing motion with the paintbrush to spread the paint around. Let the paint dry (takes a couple days to dry thoroughly)

· Use a brush or clean, dry cloth to apply clear wax thinly and evenly over the woodwork. Wipe off any excess with a cloth, and wipe the upholstery studs (if applicable).

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The Home & Family Wedding Series
Designer David Meister is back today to start designing Gabi's dress for the Home & Family Wedding Series! Today, David chats with Gabi to offer some tips on picking the perfect wedding dress. David also has some tips on traditional looks versus new trends and also offers his weeding dress dos and don'ts. And later, Gabi and David take a look at some of the looks that we may see on the big day!

Tracy Metro's New Uses For Old Things!
Ringmaster of the Domestic Circus, Tracy Metro is back today! Today Tracy put her creativity to the test showing new and unexpected uses for old household items. From items like matchboxes, empty facial tissue boxes, and shower caps, Tracy shows some great ways to recycle and reuse many old items just lying around your house.

Cristina Cooks Soft Pretzels with Jalapeño Cheese Sauce
Cristina heads over the kitchen today sharing her recipe for delicious Soft Pretzels with Jalapeño Cheese Sauce. Joined by Traci Braxton, Cristina shows a simple way to create these simple family fun treats.

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CPR with Dana Scala
Dana Scala from Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services joins the family today with some important information about CPR. Today Dana explains important information regarding the new guidelines for performing CPR, including relation to rescue breaths and increased survivability. Dana also discusses how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in conjunction with CPR.