The Cleary Irish Dancers
No St. Patrick's Day celebration would be complete without traditional Irish Dancing! So today's first guest, Director of the Cleary Irish Dance Academy, Margaret Cleary, shows Mark and Cristina some of the basics of Irish Dancing. Margaret also shares some of the traditions incorporated in Irish dancing. Plus, Margaret brings along some of her students to show what Champion level Irish dancing looks like!

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Stuart O'Keeffe
From OWN's "Home Made Simple," celebrity chef Stuart O'Keeffe joins the family today. Stuart shares a touch of the 'Emerald Isle' with his recipes for traditional Irish fare. Stuart first makes an Irish Beef and Guinness stew. Stuart's use of Guinness, an Irish institution, helps tenderize the beef while adding an unmistakable flavor. Stuart also shares recipes for an Americanized Corned Beef And Cabbage as well as Stuart's St. Patrick's Day Sangria! And, keep up with Stuart on twitter at: @stuartokeeffe.

Tracy Metro
Self proclaimed "theme-ologist," Tracy Metro swears there is a science to throwing theme parties, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. Today, Tracy incorporates leprechauns, rainbows, and a healthy touch of green to show how to blow out any St. Patrick's Day party. Tracy also has an assortment of libations for every member of your home and family. Plus, Tracy shares a festive holiday game to make your St. Patrick's Day party a hit! Plus, you can follow Tracy on twitter at: @tracymetro.

The Beer Chicks
" The Beer Chicks," Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, are back with their take on Irish craft beers. For those not in the beer world, craft beers are generally brewed locally by smaller breweries that use traditional and natural ingredients. Today 'The Beer Chicks' offer some great suggestions on traditional Irish craft beers. And later, the ladies offer holiday food parings to get the best flavor from your St. Patrick's Day beer! Plus, 'The Beer Chicks' join today's family in a college drinking game favorite, flip cup!

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From "Tanked," Wayde King & Brett Raymer
From the Animal Planet series "Tanked," Wayde King & Brett Raymer join the family today. Based in Las Vegas, Brett & Wayde make custom fish tanks for clients all around the world. But, the show is not just about the tanks; Wayde and Brett are also brothers-in-law, making for a wild time on the show. Today, Wayde and Brett show some of their most outrageous aquariums including a massive church entryway and even a fish tank bedroom! Plus, Wayde and Brett give some great tips on creating a beautiful aquarium at home!
" Tanked" airs Friday at 9pm starting March 22 on Animal Planet!

Cristina Cooks
Keeping the Home & Family St. Patrick's Day celebration in full swing, Cristina shares her recipe for special St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. Today Cristina is making Key Lime Cupcakes with a few special St. Patrick's Day surprises. Plus, Cristina offers some helpful baking tips for this or any of your baking endeavors.