Sophie Uliano
Eco-conscious lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano is back on Home & Family with a fun and inventive way for our kids to recycle Halloween candy wrappers. While wax coated paper cannot be recycled, they can be "upcycled" into a wide range of products from bags to speakers! Today Sophie introduces us to a company called TerraCycle that specializes in FREE "upcycling.” And later, Sophie hits the kitchen to show us how to make a seasonal meal with an entire pumpkin!
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Brett Dennen Acclaimed musician Brett Dennen performs today on Home & Family. Brett’s easy grooves and soulful phrasing have earned him industry praise including being named an "Artist to Watch" by "Rolling Stone" and one of the "Guys on the Rise" by "Entertainment Weekly." Brett has also used his music to support "The Mosaic Project", a San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofit organization that works towards a peaceful future by uniting children of diverse backgrounds, providing them with essential skills to thrive in an increasingly diverse society, and empowering them to strive for peace. Get more on Brett Dennen by clicking here:

Mark Edgar Stephens Today Mark & Paige talk with noted body language specialist Mark Edgar Stephens to discuss "bedtime body language." Oprah once called him an "authority on love" when he helped her select a deserving couple for "Oprah's Million Dollar Wedding Giveaway." Today Mark brings his expertise to Home & Family to teach us how our sleeping positions impacts our relationships. Follow Mark Edgar Stepehns on twitter: @MarkEStephens

Ali Masamitsu We're keeping the 'family' in Home & Family today with the niece of one of the Home & Family crew. Today Mark & Paige talk to Ali Masamitsu, an aspiring medical student with a scary hidden talent. Ali turned her love for make-up into a horror make-up sensation. Today Ali shows off some of her amazing work and even grabs a friend to demonstrate her talents.

Kevin Lim Just in time for Halloween, body artist Kevin Lim demonstrates belly painting that is literally for the entire family! With the help of a few expectant mothers, Kevin demonstrates a creative way to celebrate a new baby…by decorating mom's baby bump. Using safe, non-toxic paints, Kevin shows us how expectant moms can get into the Halloween spirit or just show their creative side by making their new bundle of joy into a living work of art. Get more information about Kevin Lim’s body art at:

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Talia Leman After watching the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, 10-year-old Talia Leman decided to start a campaign to help the victims. Talia mobilized kids and successfully raised over $10 million dollars. Now a teenager, Talia has taken that experience and turned it into her own charity, starting, a nationwide non-profit that educates, mobilizes and empowers youth to directly impact local and global needs. Today Talia is joined (via Skype) by one of her "Random Kids" whose green thumb is providing fresh produce to needy people around the nation. Learn more about "RandomKid" at:

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