Shirley Bovshow
It's time to get your green on indoors with garden coach Shirley Bovshow. Shirley shows Mark & Paige the ins and outs of making a terrarium. With orchids, air plants, or even a Venus flytrap, Shirley uses basic glass containers to create beautiful indoor ecosystems.
Shirley's simple tips for making a terrarium: 1. Use any glass container, open or closed. 2. Create Proper Drainage: A layer of fine/pea gravel mixed with horticultural charcoal will help absurd water and prevent fungus growth. 3. Select small plants: There are a lot of small, slow growing plants that are perfect for indoor terrariums. Plants that like shade and moisture such as violets and polka dot plants can work great in your terrarium. Check your local plant center for more details on these tips of plants. 4. Be creative: Decorations like shells, marbles, and stones can add a fabulous touch to any terrarium and can make this a project that's fun for the whole family. For more of Shirley's garden designs visit her at: .

Mika Moulton
Abduction defense expert Mika Moulton shares a must watch story for all parents. In 1995 her 10-year-old son Christopher was taken off the street just 2 blocks from his home. After 8 days of frantic searching Christopher's body was found buried in a shallow grave. Few parents could imagine the pain of losing a child, but Mika went one step further, refusing to let Christopher's killer make her into another victim.
With her son's memory in mind Mika created Christopher's Clubhouse, a national campaign with the goal of providing educational programs to empower children and families with the skills to avoid exploitation. Today, Mika and her son Cameron show us some of the basic self-defense moves that may save your child's life. For more information on Christopher's Clubhouse visit: . For more information on the RadKids self-defense program visit: .

Sophie Uliano
Beauty and eco expert Sophie Uliano is back to show us how to make all natural, nontoxic and inexpensive skin care gifts. Great for the holidays or just to keep around the house, Sophie shares with us 4 simple recipes for all natural body scrubs that you can whip up in minutes.

Darin Brooks & Ryan Doom
Darin Brooks and Ryan Doom, stars of the new Hallmark Movie Channel Original "The Seven Year Hitch," stop by talk about working together in this hilarious romantic comedy. Plus, Darin gives his own take on being caught in a love triangle! And later, the guys show off their acting skills when they try their hands at horror movie charades.
You can catch "" on Hallmark Movie Channel.

Dr. Harvey Karp
Nationally acclaimed pediatrician and child development specialist Dr. Harvey Karp talks with Mark & Paige about his new theory on the "4th trimester." Dr. Karp explains his 5 S's, arguing that children go from 24-hour contact in the womb, to 4-8 hours after birth. Using Dr. Karp's techniques parents can learn how to recreate the experience of being in the womb and turn on an infants "calming reflex" to quiet a crying child in seconds. Plus, Dr. Karp gives his tips on how parents can train a new baby to sleep more and give their parents some much needed rest.
For more on Dr. Karp's tips visit .

Clare Crespo
When you make food fun, your kids are more likely to eat healthy, so Home & Family brought in culinary artist Clare Crespo to whip up some spooky Halloween treats! Putting her own spin on "kooking" Clare is known for her out of the box use of food to engage kids and get them to eat healthy. Today Clare creates her "Monster Head Mashed Potatoes" using a great mix of vegetables and fun!