Shaun Robinson
Emmy Award-winning Journalist, author, and " Access Hollywood" weekend co-anchor Shaun Robinson stops by Home & Family today. A long time friend of Mark's, from his days covering red carpets for "ET," today Shaun talks today about her work to empower young women. In her new book, " Exactly As I Am," Shaun has created a compilation of interviews with successful women and everyday teenagers who discuss the importance of building strong self-esteem. And later, Shaun talks about " One Girl, One Voice," a movement she started to encourage young girls to pledge to use their voices for positive change.

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Chef Richard Blais
Winner of Bravo's "Top Chef All Stars", Chef Richard Blais is whipping up an Italian American classic with a holiday twist. Richard's Mussels with Linguine, traditionally made with clams instead of mussels, incorporates fresh pine branches from your Christmas tree! Plus, Richard takes a moment to talk about his new restaurant The Spence and his new cookbook " Try this at Home," which hits shelves in February.

31 Bits
Today Mark & Cristina talk with a remarkable group of young women who've created the unique and socially active company, 31 Bits. Built on the core belief of "empowering women to raise above poverty," 31 Bits sells goods on behalf of Ugandan women. Proceeds from the sales go to provide health care and educational services for the Ugandan women and their families.

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Ken Wingard
Back on the show today, DIY Expert Ken Wingard teaches us how to create festive holiday garlands and topiaries. With some simple products from around your house, Ken shows how you can easily and affordably bring the holiday cheer to your home. Plus, Ken's garlands and topiaries can be made in just a few short minutes and make a fun project for the entire family. or follow him on twitter @kennethwingard.

Hallmark Cards
What would the holidays be without a classic Hallmark greeting card? Today, Cheryl Gaines, Sr. Editorial Director for Christmas cards gives us a behind the scenes look at how Hallmark captures those special holiday moments. And later, Cheryl shows us some of the unique and special cards for this years holiday season.

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Cristina Cooks
Cristina is back in the kitchen continuing her "education of Mark." On a mission to help Mark learn to cook, Today Cristina shows us how to make a meal with "Cristina's Ten Essential Items." Plus Cristina's marinara sauce recipe can double as a wonderful Tuscan Bread soup.
What are Cristina's 10 essential items?
1. Extra-virgin olive oil
2. 1lb box linguini pasta 3. Kosher salt 4. 1 quart chicken broth, homemade or canned 5. 1 15-ounce can of cannellini beans 6. Low sodium soy sauce 7. 1 bunch of scallions 8. 1 28-ounce can chopped tomatoes 9. 1 jar Dijon mustard 10. 1 bulb fresh garlic

Star of TV Guide Network's "Nail Files," Katie Cazorla is here to prove that even the manliest man can get a mani/pedi. Katie, a former stand-up comic, spent years breaking the bank to keep her nails looking good before deciding to start her own salon. Today Katie gets mark into the chair and gives him his first mani/pedi while walking us through some of the basics of nail care.
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While Mark is busy getting pampered, Cristina works out with acclaimed trainer and world-class endurance athlete Josh Crosby. Today, Josh proves that retro is not just for fashion when he shows Cristina the modern take on rowing. Using the Indo-Rowing machine, Josh demonstrates how to maximize your workout while minimizing the impact on your bones and joints.

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