Ripped from the pages of " Taste of Home" magazine, Cristina shares recipes perfect for tailgating this football season! Steve Bath from Lincoln, NB submitted his recipe for beer-infused Can-Can Chicken. Cristina also includes bacon-wrapped hot dogs, snack mix squares, and spicy tomato juice in the spread.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths & A Lie
As season two of "Home & Family" kicks off, the family members get to know one another a bit better in a game of "Two Truths & a Lie." Each participant shares three facts about themselves, except one happens to be false. Everyone else is challenged to guess which is the lie before the big reveal! Chef Fabio Viviani also sends us a special video message to apologize for missing the season premiere, but promises to share plenty of recipes when he returns from vacation.

Real Estate with Debbie Matenopoulos
To buy or not to buy? That is the question and TV host Debbie Matenopolous is here to answer. With the housing market on the rise, Debbie discusses real estate trends and the influence location has on the price tag. Thanks to modern tecnhology, Debbie takes us on a live tour via FaceTime of a 1927 starter home for sale for $639,000 near the "Home & Family" studio. Before committing on the purchase of a house, Debbie advises that you consider affordability, the history of the house, why it's for sale, if there are disclosures, and perform "The Goldilocks Test" to determine if it's "just right" for your needs. All the family members discuss the pros and cons of the home and each decides if it's worth the investment.

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Beauty Pantry Items with Kym Douglas
Look no further than your pantry shelves for double duty beauty products. Lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas explains the many uses of coconut oil. Jessica Alba adds it to smoothies to increase her metabolism. You can also rub it on your cuticles, elbows, knees, and heels to soften skin. Plus, after you're done making eggs for breakfast, use the excess egg whites on your face to firm, tighten, and shrink pores. Also, the juice from beets can be applied to your lips and cheeks as a chemical-free red gloss. For coconut oil, visit and for the egg separator, go to

Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers
Country singer Matt Rogers shares memories from his days as a contestant on "American Idol" and how he handled his elimination from the show. Before performing his song "Roundup," Matt introduces us to all his bandmates.

"Roundup" and more music from Rogers & Bos is available on And, make sure to check out

Winterizing Windows with Tanya Memme

Winterize Your Windows with Tanya Memme
Lifestyle expert Tanya Memme is here to help you prepare your windows for winter temperatures. She demonstrates how to caulk windows to keep out the cold air and reduce your heating bill by 30%. She also uses weather stripping to seal gaps in door jams. And, for any climate, adhering film to windows keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

@Tanya_Memme. Also, visit her on Facebook and check out

DIY Trendy Fall Boots with Jessie Jane

Jessie Jane's Fall Boots
These boots are made for walking and for making a fashion statement. Jessie Jane teaches us how to embellish plain boots for the fall. To keep your legs warm, repurpose the sleeve of a sweater to act as a legwarmer. Or, you can accessorize by wrapping studded belts around the ankles. To create a lace accent, glue a doilie to the cuff.

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