Rodney Peete & Holly Robinson Peete discuss the NFL Scandals
Former NFL star Rodney Peete and his beautiful wife, Holly Robinson Peete, return for their season 3 debut. Rodney, who played professional football from 1989-2004, shares his thoughts on the recent spate of scandals surrounding the NFL. Rodney and Holly both discuss the need for a zero tolerance policy towards domestic violence and the need for more public awareness towards those suffering in abusive relationships. And later, Rodney and Holly discuss the tense discussion they underwent when deciding if they would allow their own son to play football. Holly and Rodney also discuss their ongoing work supporting children with autism and their families. Ever the tireless advocate, Holly is not only celebrating her 50th birthday, but she is also preparing to be honored as 2014 Activist Honoree by the Autism Care and Treatment Today organization.
To help Holly Robinson-Peete celebrate her 50th birthday, you can make a donation to her charity,, by t exting 50for50 to 41444. Proceeds go to help families affected by autism.

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Buying Your Man the Perfect Suit Jacket
Fashion and lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian shares tips on how to get your man into the perfect suit jacket! Lawrence first discusses the keys to recognizing a well-fitted jacket, including what to look for when getting a jacket tailored. Lawrence also explains how to know if your man is a regular, short, or long. And later, Lawrence shares his top tips to get your man to go shopping and enjoy the experience.
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Fabio Viviani's recipe for the Perfect Cheeseburger
In honor of National Cheeseburger Day chef Fabio Viviani shares his recipe for the perfect cheeseburger. Fabio first shares how he was kicked off 'Top Chef' for not being able to make an American style burger. Since then Fabio has made a special point of mastering the American cheeseburger, and today, he's ready to share the fruit of his labors. And as a bonus, Fabio shares his tips on the best way to eat a real American burger!
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'Satisfaction' star Katherine LaNasa & Grant Show
From USA's hit drama 'Satisfaction,' actress Katherine LaNasa joins the family today! Katherine, who plays Adriana, shares a peek at the show and hints at some surprises for tonight’s season finally. And later, Katherine and her husband Grant Show talk about their new baby and the decision to have a child later in life. Katherine and Grant share how the experience has changed their perspectives on life and how it's brought them closer together. Plus, Katherine shares an absolutely adorable cake topper craft.

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Katie Cazorla's Football Inspired Manicure
Celebrity beauty expert Katie Cazorla shows how to make one of the hottest trends in fingernail fashion, 'Fanicures." These football inspired manicures, "Fanicures" are a great way for women to show pride in their favorite team. Today Katie walks you step-by-step through creating your own "Fanicure" and even includes tips on color blocking.!

Toys to Empower Young Girls
Lifestyle expert Kym Douglas shows some of the hottest toys that are also meant to empower girls! Inspired by a young girl who challenged Lego to create more active female characters, today Kym shows just a few of the latest toys specifically tailored to encourage young girls. From building toys to the new career themed Barbie, Kym shows the best toys to help empower our daughters!
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Cristina Crafts a DIY Coco Bar
Just in time for cold weather Cristina shows how you can make a simple DIY Coco Bar! Perfect for the holidays or as a hostess gift, Cristina's craft is a great way to make Coco even more fun! With Cristina's steps you'll be able to create your own Coco bar, complete with toppings and syrup. And later Cristina shows how you can make an adorable DIY Sweater Coozie.
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Tanya Memme's 3D Art
Lifestyle expert shows you some simple and creative ways to create 3D art projects. Tanya shows some great ways to jazz up pictures of your kids using chalk, cardboard cutouts, and unusual camera angles. Tanya's tips are a great way to make picture time even more fun and possibly inspire your little ones to shoot for the stars!
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