Rockmond Dunbar
From the hit series "Son's of Anarchy," Rockmond Dunbar joins the family today. "Rock" shares the unique story of how he went from studying to be a lawyer to finding his passion for acting. Plus, we get a sneak peak of Rockmond's upcoming directorial debut in " Pastor Brown." And later, Rockmond takes to the kitchen making his "deal closing" collard greens!

Pastor Brown," on Lifetime, starting February 16th.

You can follow "Rock" on twitter at: @rockmonddunbar

Tamara Berg
Craft expert Tamara Berg has a simple way to organize "the crafters way"! Today, Tamara is going to show you how to use a metal letter stamp for some simple and creative labeling. Plus, Tamara's stamps are a simple project for the entire family and a creative way to brighten up your family's chore wheel!

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Health News Updates
Oncologist, internist, and President of the Angeles Clinic, Dr. Lawrence Piro is back with some new and important health information. Today, Dr. Piro discusses new research about the links between vitamin D and dementia as well as some new health benefits of dance. And later, Dr. Piro discusses the potential link between calcium and heart disease.

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Cristina Cooks
Keeping us healthy, Cristina is making a nutritious and simple recipe for the entire family. Today, Cristina is going to share with you her recipe for Potato Plates. Just like a small potato pizza, Cristina's Potato Plates can be customized for any pallet or diet.

Valentines Day Tablescapes
Lifestyle expert Rachel Hollis is back with some budget friendly tips for Valentine's Day. Today, Rachel is going to show you how to create a beautiful love themed tablescape. Rachel's design incorporates elements from the heart and even from the front yard! And, this tablescape craft project, with some simple tweaks, can be updated for any number of holidays. Plus, you can follow Rachel on twitter at: @MsRachelHollis.

Lior Suchard
World-renowned supernatural entertainer and mentalist Lior Suchard is, quite simply, going to blow your mind! Lior has garnered international acclaim for his outstanding performances of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis. Plus, after a quick demonstration reading Mark and Cristina's mind, Lior reveals just a hint of the secret behind his supernatural powers. Or, you can follow Lior on twitter at @liorsuchard.

Staining the Deck
Mark is out on the Home & Family deck with some helpful tips on applying stain. Today, Mark shows you how you can use your computer to image your deck and also explains some of the differences between types of stains. Plus, you'll get some great ideas on how to make your next staining project reflect your own individual style.