King of the Nerds
From the hit 80s movie "Revenge of the Nerds," Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong join our family today! Robert and Curtis (aka Lewis and 'Booger') are talking about their new reality show, " King of the Nerds." And their search for the "King of the Nerds" lands in our backyard when Robert and Curtis host the first ever Home & Family 'nerd-off.'

You can watch " King of the Nerds" Thursdays nights at 10/9c on TBS.

Cristina's Oscar Themed Menu
Lights, camera, action! This Sunday, the red carpets will line the streets of Hollywood for the 85th Academy Awards. And just in case you're not going to be in town for the big party, today Cristina is sharing her ultimate movie themed Oscar party menu! Cristina's dishes are all inspired by this year's Best Picture Nominees. And were having a little fun with our guests today, making them guess what dish goes with which movie! Plus, Cristina shares her "Lincoln: Apple Pie" recipe and her secret ingredient for the perfect crust!
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Confessions of a Momaholic
Mother of 4 and author Dena Higley is sharing the story of how she turned the tables on her helicopter parenting. Generally speaking, 'helicopter parenting' is the situation when parents become over involved in managing the lives of their children. Today Dena talks about her slide into helicopter parenting and how it all came dramatically crashing down around her. Dena shares how she was able to overcome her habits and regain her focus on raising happy healthy adults. Dena also discusses how to recognize the signs that you may be a helicopter parent.


The Flying Morgans
You may remember seeing our next guest go flying through a window during our Western Week stunt show. Stuntman Gary Morgan is back and brought along his two daughters for a family performance by The Flying Morgans! This family troupe is a modern day throwback to the amazing stage performances of Vaudeville. Today Gary, Molly, and Bonnie will amaze and astound as they perform the amazing feats of contortionism in their 'doll act!'

Andrea Schroder
Producer and designer Andrea Schroder is back with a great craft project that will turn your ordinary clothes into trendy studded gear. Andrea's craft project is a perfect way to retrofit outdated clothing and save you tons on creating a contemporary look!

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Mark's Change your Life Series
Katie and Kristy Aiani are back for an update in "Mark's Change Your Life Series." Since starting the challenge last month Katie and Kristy have lost around 10 lbs each. Today, the sisters talk about their new diets, workouts, and therapies. Plus, Kristy shares a big revelation about chocolate! And later the sisters get some help with maintaining healthy finances from the president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, Robert Pagliarini.

Updating Your Appliances
If you've ever priced stainless steel appliances you know they can easily cost you thousands of dollars. However lifestyle expert Tanya Memme is back to show you how to get the stainless steel appliance for a lot less! With a little help from Mark, Tanya is going to show you how a quart of paint can make your old fridge look brand new!

Materials Needed:
Goof Off Grease Remover
Acetone Cleaner Painter’s Tape Drop Cloth Paint Rollers Rust-oleum Stainless Steel Paint Screwdriver or Drill Find Tanya Memme at and follow her @tanyamemme.