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Today on Home & Family: Rita Rudner

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Rita Rudner
The super funny Rita Rudner is back today to share her holiday plans and memories. Rita has the entire crew in stitches when she shares unconventional turkey recipe. Plus, Rita gives us the scoop on her upcoming play "Tickled Pink." And later, Rita and the rest of today's guests play a hilarious new game!

Check in on Rita Rudner here: www.ritafunny.com.

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Norma Zager's Lazy Latkes
The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah starts this Saturday, and in celebration we have Norma Zager teaching us to make 'Lazy Latkes.' From her new cookbook, Norma's Latkes are super simple and require no potato peeling!
Get Norma's Lazy Latke recipe here>>

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Sophie Uliano
The Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano is back today for some eco-friendly holiday tips. First, Sophie talks about 'tree adoption;' an eco-friendly Christmas tip that will help save some of the more than 32 million trees cut down for Christmas each year. Plus, Sophie has some fantastic tips for making holiday gifts for under $5!

WATCH Sophie demonstrate some of her inexpensive gift recipes now >>

Learn more about Christmas Tree Adoption:
Living Christmas: www.livingchristmas.com.
Fresh Christmas tree: www.freshchristmastree.com.
Adopt a Christmas tree: www.adoptachristmastree.com.

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Get the how-to for Sophie's Herb Infused Salt here>>

Get the how-to for Sophie's Orange Granola here>>

Get more of Sophie's tips and recipes here: www.gorgeouslygreen.com.

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Dr. Sandra Lee
As another year gets ready to pass, for many of us the wrinkles continue to accumulate. With that in mind, today Dr. Sandra Lee presents some over-the-counter anti-aging solutions. While Dr. Lee doesn’t endorse a particular brand or product, she does explain the base elements that can help you fight the signs of aging.

Learn more about Dr. Lee here: www.skinps.com.

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Jennifer Farrell
Lifestyle Design Expert Jennifer Farrell stops by today to teach us how to make some simple and (in a pinch) edible decorations for the kitchen and sunroom! Jennifer's kitchen decorations are made with left over holiday decorations and spare elements from around the home! And later, Jennifer shows us how to make a Homemade Holiday Garland for almost no money at all!
WATCH Jennifer demonstrate her decorations with Cristina and Mark >>

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Reel Talk
It's Friday and that means it's time for another edition of Reel talk with Mark and fellow Entertainment Reporter Sandie Newton! Today Mark and Sandie review the theatrical remake of "Les Miserables" and Mark shares a special interview he did with star Hugh Jackman.

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Cristina Cooks
Today Cristina is making a quick snack for the Family Meeting. Cristina makes a Pretzel Delight with the American candy favorite, Rolo's! And later, today's guests share some of their favorite holiday recipes and debate if a holiday meal can be traditional if it's store bought!
Get Cristina's Rolo Pretzel Delight Recipe here>>

Get more of Cristina's recipes here: www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.