Ricky Schroder
For 35 years America has seen Ricky Schroder grow from child star to one of the most recognizable faces on television. Today, Ricky stops by for a sit down chat with Mark and Cristina. Ricky opens up about his passion for acting and how it drove him to continue pursuing new and evolving roles. Plus, Ricky shares how his wife and parents helped him succeed as a young actor. And later, we learn about Ricky's upcoming Hallmark Movie Channel Original, "Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts," premiering Saturday at 8/7c on Hallmark Movie Channel.

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Make sure you watch " Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts" on Hallmark Movie Channel, Saturday, January 26 at 8/7c.

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The Home & Family Pregnancy Series
We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Lauren Hyman and Natalie Thomas back for an update on our Home & Family pregnancy series. Natalie is at week 27 and rounding the corner on her last trimester. Today, Dr. Hyman explains some important facts about this stage of infant development. Plus, Natalie gets to ask some more questions about what to expect during her last trimester.

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The Fairy Dog Mother
"The Fairy Dog Mother," Laura Nativo is back today with a great new product for your 4-legged family members. Laura is going to install a " pet peek window" to cure your pets backyard blues. Plus, Laura has some great barking cessation tips to help keep your pup from waking the neighbors.

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Reel Talk
It's not time to shop, but Sandie Newton is back for a special western edition of "Reel Talk." From "Blazing Saddles" to "True Grit," were counting down some of our favorite westerns of all time. Plus, author and historical consultant Peter Sherayko shares some movie trivia that might change the way you watch western movies.

Horse Talking
Historian and author, Peter Sherayko has been a fixture in Hollywood, working both in TV and film. Peter's passion for the West and Westerns is reflected in his work on blockbuster movies like "Tombstone" and in HBO's "Deadwood." Today, Peter and his pal "Oso" are teaching Mark and Cristina the proper way to talk to a horse.

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The Human Calculator
Author and Guinness World Record holder Scott Flansburg has been teaching and entertaining people with his math skills for more than 20 years. The elite "edutainer," Scott astonishes crowds worldwide with his math skills even earning the nickname " The Human Calculator." Today, Scott is talking about his work in making math fun for kids. Plus, Scott teaches the family some of the secrets to improving our own math skills.

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Chuck Wagon Cooking
In the last few year's food trucks have been all the rage, but today, we've got an authentic food truck from the 1800's. Today, Bryan and Karen Jones are showing off their authentic chuck wagon and teaching us how to cook cowboy style. Bryan and Karen are whipping up a batch of sage biscuits using traditional cowboy cooking techniques.

Pie Eating Contest
2-Time Pie-Eating Champion Grady Miller sits in for a special end to our first western week. Grady, Mark, and Laura Nativo belly up and chow down for our western week pie-eating contest. Plus, Grady gives some useful tips for you at your next pie-eating contest.