Richard Marx
Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, Richard Marx stops by Home & Family today. Richard talks about his decades long career in the business, including his special connection with Lionel Richie. Plus, Richard performs some of the most famous songs he's ever written including his chart topping hit "Right Here Waiting."
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Jackie Warner
She's back…Celebrity Fitness Expert and reality TV star Jackie Warner is back on Home & Family. With the holidays just around the corner Jackie is back with some great tips on keeping off those pesky holiday pounds. Plus, Jackie gives us 5 simple fat burning exercises, especially for the holidays.
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Jennifer Farrell
Home & Lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell is going to show you some fabulous "table-scapes" for the holidays. With a few run-of-the-mill items from around the home and in the yard, Jennifer will show you how to make a simple, yet elegantly rustic table scene. Plus, Jennifer will show you how to make a gorgeous centerpiece for under $10!
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Caroline MiLi Artiss
Chef Caroline MiLi Artiss made a name for herself first as a British YouTube sensation and then as a contestant on "Chef Race" on BBC America. Today, Caroline has made the long journey "across the pond" to teach us how to make a healthy mini-taco appetizer. Caroline also chats about how she got her start in cooking.

Joel Stein
"Time" magazine columnist and author Joel Stein hangs out in the family room to talk about his new book, "A Stupid Quest for Masculinity." Joel explains how having a baby was his motivation for wanting to "man-up." For his book, Joel went on a series of "man-ventures" from boy scouts to boot camp. Joel also talks about how he became the 1st and only civilian to fire a tank.
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Joe Huff
Founder of This Shirt Helps, Joe Huff joins Home & Family today to talk about his unique company and its mission. Simply put, This Shirt Helps, harnesses the power of consumer purchases to help fund worthy social causes. From providing schooling to needy children or fresh water to starving communities, each purchase provides a real and measurable amount of aid to the charity of your choice. There is no conversion of money or percentage of the proceeds; each purchase really will change a life. And, with the "Help Ticker" This Shirt Helps will show you in real-time what impact your purchase has made.
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Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate is back with her fabulous nail tips. Today we get an introduction to one of the hottest new trends, the caviar manicure. Available at makeup stores like Sephora, the caviar manicure is a 3-dimensional look that is both feminine and extravagant! Today Mr. Kate will walk you through the basics so you can create your own caviar manicure at home.
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Reel Talk
It's time for another installment of "Reel Talk," and this week Mark & Sandie discuss one of the biggest movies of the season, "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2." For all of the "Twi-hard" fans, this film has been long in the waiting and according to Sandie, they will not be disappointed. Plus, we get a very special shout-out from the "Twilight" cast. And later, Mark & Sandie discuss the historical pic, "Lincoln."

Paige's Farewell
Today, Paige Davis delivers her emotional farewell to Home & Family. Please join Hallmark Channel and the Home & Family crew in wishing Paige all the best.