Rich Natole
Las Vegas impressionist Rich Natole joins our family today! Dubbed "The Man with 100 Celebrity Impressions," Rich shares how he got his start impersonating celebrities like Jimmy Stewart and Howard Cosell. Rich also shares with Mark and Cristina why he chooses to keep his show family friendly. And we couldn't let Rich leave without getting him on stage to perform some of his best impressions for today's audience!

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"Dance It Out!" Workout
"The First Family of Fitness" Billy Blanks, Jr. and wife Sharon Catherine Blanks are back to show off their revamped workout program, the " Dance It Out" workout. "Dance It Out" is a high energy workout program that combines all styles of dance from country to hip hop. As Billy and Sharon demonstrate, their new program is perfect for any fitness level and is also a fun way to achieve your fitness goals.

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Cristina Cooks
Today Cristina is making a prize-winning peach-blueberry egg bread bake. This heart smart recipe is made with Eggland's Best all natural, steroid and hormone free eggs. Plus this simple to make comfort food is super healthy and sure to be a hit with the entire family!

Home and Family Pregnancy Series
Our expecting moms Natalie and Ruzan are joined today by actress and star of the hit reality show "Tia and Tamera," Tamera Mowry-Housley! New mom Tamera has some motherly advice for Natalie and Ruzan. Later Tamera's husband Adam joins us via Skype to share his take on the experience of being a new dad. And later, Tamera shares how she lost 30 lbs since giving birth just four months ago!

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Allergy Free Cooking with Cybele Pascal
As a lot of moms know, a lot of our favorite foods are filled with allergens. From peanuts to flour, a lot of what we eat can be dangerous to anyone with a food allergy. So to help you out, we've invited the author of " Allergy-Free and Easy Cooking," Cybele Pascal. As the mother of 2 kids with food allergies, Cybele was determined to make healthy and tasty foods for her family while not having to spend all day in the kitchen. Today, Cybele shares one of her favorite recipes, Chili Mac & Cheese. This recipe is a throwback to high school lunch while still being allergy free!

Christina Bloom from FaceMate
The founder and CEO of, Christina Bloom is here to help you find true love! FaceMate is a new online dating site that employs sophisticated facial recognition software to identify a potential partner. Today Christina explains the science that leads us to be attracted to a person whose facial features match our own. Plus, Christina shares some compelling incentives for anyone searching for love!

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Cristina’s DIY Lace Pots and Garden Pavers
We're continuing to do work on our garden today with a great craft project from Cristina. Cristina is showing you how, with a few doilies, you can custom make paving stones. Plus, Cristina has a stencil craft to decorate your lawn planters. Both of these projects are simple and are a perfect way to add a custom touch to your garden accents.

Kelly Boyer's PALETA Pregnancy Plan
Family member Kelly Boyer is back today to show our soon-to-be-moms the PALETA Pregnancy Plan. Kelly has taken her amazing meal service and created a unique 3-tiered collection of meals to help pregnant women maintain a healthy diet. The PALTEA Pregnancy Plan covers moms from the first trimester through delivery and into the time when mommies want to get back in shape!

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