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RaMona Rizzo
From VH-1's hit reality show "Mob Wives," RaMona Rizzo joins the family today. RaMona is the granddaughter of former mobster Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero, who was played by Al Pacino in the movie "Donnie Brasco." Today RaMona talks about growing up in a mob household and how that experience affects the way she raises her four children. Plus, we get an insider's take on reality TV, including a very real look at the "Mob Wives" after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

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Chef Angelo Sosa
You remember Chef Angelo Sosa as a finalist on season 7 of Bravo's "Top Chef" as well as his run on "Top Chef All-Stars." Today Chef Angelo is sharing one of his signature dishes, Creamy Tomato Soup with Curried Whipped Cream. Angelo's soup represents a fusion of flavors, blending a sweet traditional tomato soup with a spicy Korean flair. And, Angelo gives some great tips on making this recipe vegan friendly and heart smart! Plus, you can follow Angelo on twitter at: @angeloasosa.

Kevin Eubanks
For eighteen years Kevin Eubanks was a household name as Jay Leno's sidekick and leader of "The Tonight Show Band." Today Kevin joins our family to talk about his years on the show and talks about making the difficult decision to leave. Kevin also shares some of his more memorable moments from the show and talks about his personal relationship with Jay Leno. And later, Kevin serenades Home & Family with an original song from his highly acclaimed album, "The Messenger."

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Tracy Metro's Diaper Cake
Ringleader of the " Domestic Circus," Tracy Metro is back with a great craft for our soon to be moms! With a little help from self-professed crafter RaMona Rizzo, Tracy shows us how to make a diaper cake! Tracy's craft is beautiful, inexpensive, and as RaMona can attest, it can also be functional! And while not edible, Tracy's diaper cake can be filled with a collage of necessities that every new mom needs!

Getting Back Into Your Skinny Jeans
Best selling author and celebrity trainer Steve Zim is here to help get back into those skinny jeans with five key exercises. Steve's workout technique is different in that it isolates specific muscles and muscle groups to maximize the impact. Plus you can grab a skateboard and turn it into workout equipment. Steve's workout can be done almost entirely in your living room while still you giving you results you can see!

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Mark Extends the Coffee Table
Upgrading the new house continues today when Mark and Cristina are updating and extending the coffee table. By adding a few extra pieces, Mark demonstrates how you can breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. And later, Mark and Cristina add some special touches to give the coffee table a high-end finish.

Cristina Cooks
We're keeping it heart smart even today when Cristina's showing how to make a decadent French silk pie. Cristina's recipe uses dark chocolate, an anti-inflammatory rich in antioxidants. Plus, she's using chopped dates that are rich in potassium and fiber, as well as coconut oil to improve insulin levels in the blood. All together, these ingredients combine to create a wonderfully silky dessert that's also a healthy option to traditional sweets!

Hilary DeCesare
Digital child and parenting expert Hilary DeCesare is here with some important information for every parent. As many parents know, kids have developed their own language to text and chat with their friends through cell phones and social media. While seemingly harmless, some of these codes can be hiding very dangerous activities. Today, Hilary gives you the key to break some of the codes used to hide drinking, drug use, and sexual activities. Hilary also gives important tips and resources to become informed cyber parents.
Hilary DeCesare's Glossary of Teen Texting “Codes”
1. PIR – Parents in room
2. POS – Parents over shoulder
3. PAL – Parents are listening
4. CD9 – Code 9 (parents are in the room)
5. The most commonly used bullying term is: Fugly – Fat & Ugly
6. IRL – In real life (MIRL – Meet in real life)
7. AsciiArt – Using symbols to make shapes.
8. Misspellings/workarounds of sexual words – Pron (Porn) Xes (sex)
9. Xtc, x, e, skittles, Thizz, Vitamin E, Vitamin X, Candy Flip = Ecstasy
10. Bud, mary jane, thc, ghanja, hash – marijuana

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