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Welcome Home!
It's a big day on Home & Family. We're bringing you today's show from our brand new house at Universal Studios, Hollywood! Today, Mark and Cristina cut the big red ribbon and give you the grand tour of our new house. From familiar looks to brand new features, Mark and Cristina take you inside all the nooks and crannies of our new home. Plus, you'll get a special preview of some of our upcoming DIY projects throughout the house!

Dean McDermott
We couldn't start a new chapter in a new house without one of our Home & Family favorites, " The Gourmet Dad," Dean McDermott. Building on a tradition started by fellow Canadian Shania Twain, Dean stops by to plant a lemon tree in our new back yard. Plus, Dean gives some great tips for cultivating trees at your own home and also explains why lemon trees make great housewarming gifts!

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From NCIS, Brian Dietzen
From CBS's "NCIS," actor Brian Dietzen is in the house. Today, Brian gives us a behind the scenes look at his "NCIS" character, Jimmy Palmer. Then, Brian gives us a preview of his new, self-produced, film " Congratulations." Plus, Brain shares some of his musical talents with the entire family during a spirited game of "Song-Burst!"

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Cristina Cooks
Cristina and her daughter Alex are breaking in the new Home & Family kitchen today. Before she gets down to business, Alex chats about her new gluten-free YouTube cooking show, "Against the Grain." Then, Mom and Daughter whip up a batch of flourless peanut butter cookies!
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Build Your Own Deck with Tanya Memme
Lifestyle and home design sweetheart Tanya Memme is back to help with the first of our new-home improvements. Today, Tanya gets some help from Mark and Dean to start building the deck onto the new home. Plus, Tanya gives you some great tips on adding a deck onto your own home!

Dr. Lindsey Duncan
Mark and Cristina welcome Certified Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Lindsey Duncan, who explains the dynamic nature of "superfoods." Today, Dr. Lindsay explains what constitutes a "superfood" and teaches you how to integrate them into a healthy diet. Plus, Dr. Lindsey Duncan will be back on the show Friday, Jan 18th with his picks for the top healing super foods for 2013!

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Mark's Change Your Life Series
Katie and Kristy Aiani are back for the next edition of "Mark's Change Your Life Series." Today, Katie and Kristy are joined by Dr. Lisa Matzer to discuss the sister's journey to a healthier lifestyle. Plus, Dr. Matzer discusses the findings of her preliminary medial assessment of the sisters and also explains how cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels affect us all.

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Andrea Schroder
Designer and producer Andrea Schroder is back to share with us a special housewarming gift. To help welcome everyone to the new home, Andrea created a custom gratitude welcome mat. Andrea shares how you can make this one of a kind home accessory for your own home, or how you can personalize a mat for anyone you know!