Natasha Henstridge
Actress and model, Natasha Henstridge is back on Home & Family. Today, Natasha talks about her modeling career, that started when she was young, and the pressure she faced to be thin. Natasha shares her philosophy on maintaining a realistic body image despite outside pressure to be thinner. Plus, Natasha opens up about how she maintains a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

Cristina Cooks
Cristina has a new sous chef with her in the kitchen today. With the help of family member Natasha Henstridge, Cristina is teaching you how to make a super healthy Miso Salmon. Salmon is a natural source of good protein and Omega-3 fatty acids and Cristina is preparing a simple cucumber salad to finish off this tasty and healthy recipe.

Dr. Ian Smith
Author of the #1 Bestselling book "Shred: The Revolutionary Diet," Dr. Ian Smith joins the family today. Dr. Smith chats with Mark and Cristina about how social media helped led to his writing this bestseller. Plus, we learn the philosophy behind the "shred" lifestyle. And later, Dr. Smith explains how his 6-week plan is an actual lifestyle change that helps people make smarter dietary decisions.

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Hot Flash Sales
It's time to rack up the savings with Sandie Newton and our weekly " Hot Flash Sale!" Once again Sandie has some great deals and bargains, and with Christmas only 11 months ways, it's never too early to start shopping. From shapeware to jewelry, Sandie has a super collection of items for well over 60% off. Plus, this week's pet rescue, the Lucky Puppy rescue, has been able to save over 52 rescued pups with your help.

Get this week's hot flash sale items here:

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Your Credit Score is your Life
Financial expert and founder of the " Recessionista" blog, Nicole Lapin is here to teach you how to take control of your credit. Nicole breaks down the in's and out's of your personal credit score and gives us tips on managing credit. Plus, Nicole offers some tips on the steps you can take to improve a low credit score.

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Getting Crafty with Tamara Berg
The Craft and Hobby Associations Winter Trade show is the premiere event for craft enthusiasts. Tamara Berg is just back from the show and is sharing some her favorite finds with us today. Among Tamara's top picks is " Craft Attitude," a new product that allows a printed image or design to be imprinted on just about any surface imaginable.

Craft Attitude Step-by-step Instructions: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Load Craft Attitude printable film in printer

2. Print your image

3. Remove film image from backing (cut to size if necessary) and glue onto the chosen surface.

4. You can tailor the adhesive depending on the surface to which you wish to affix the printable film.

5. The film takes on the texture of whatever material you adhere it to, making it a seamless addition to any craft!

And get more great craft tips and ideas from Tamara Berg:

Build Your Own Deck, II with Tanya Memme
Mark and home design sweetheart Tanya Memme are finishing the new deck. After a quick recap, Mark and Tanya break out the power tools to put the finishing touches on the deck. Plus, Mark and Tanya give some great tips on using a circular saw and getting that perfect edge. And later, Tanya grabs a pressure washer to clean the deck and prep it for staining.

The Home & Family Pregnancy Series
New mom-to-be Natalie Thomas is back for another installment of our "Pregnancy Series!" Today, we add another expecting couple, Ruzan Graham and her husband Aaron. Ruzan and Aaron are 23-weeks into their second pregnancy and are already planning on their 3rd! Aaron and Ruzan share their experiences as new parents, specifically discussing some of the health challenges they faced with their first child. And later, Natalie and her husband Zach (via Skype) talk baby names. And later, Natalie gets to ask Ruzan some important questions about giving birth.