Cristina Is Here To Stay!
Please join the Home & Family show and the entire Hallmark Channel family in welcoming Cristina Ferrare as the new permanent co-host of Home & Family! It was just a short time ago that we were able to coax Cristina into joining the show and this past weekend we were thrilled to announce that she is here to stay! We all congratulate Cristina and look forward to more fun, food, crafts, and laughs from the Home & Family team!
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Nancy Travis
From "Three Men and a Baby" and "So I Married an Axe Murderer," actress Nancy Travis stops by Home & Family. Today, Nancy talks with Mark and Cristina about her show " Last Man Standing" where she costars alongside Tim Allen. Nancy also talks about her more than 20 years in entertainment. And later, Nancy joins today's Home & Family guests for a game of "Celebrity Taboo!"

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Lifestyle Expert Moll Anderson
Interior designer, lifestyle expert, and author Moll Anderson is teaching us some great tips for Valentine's Day. Today, Moll turns our family room coffee table into a seductive table for two. Moll teaches us how to recreate a romantic vacation spot or invent your own memorable rendezvous, all for under $100! And later, Moll whips up her unique "Salad in Mason Jars" and "Layers of Love Watermelon Salad!"

>"> WATCH Moll Anderson make a her "Salads in Mason Jars for Two">>

>"> Get Moll Anderson's "Salad in a Jar" & Layers Of Love - Watermelon Salad recipe here>>

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Boxing with Mikaela Mayer
Mark and Cristina are in for a workout today with 2016 Olympic hopeful and the #1 Female Boxer in the world, Mikaela Mayer. Mikaela chats with Mark and Cristina about how she got her start in boxing and how she became a worldclass boxer. And later, Mikaela shares some of her training and teaches Mark and Cristina how to throw a punch like a pro!
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Supermarket Label Secrets with Sophie Uliano
Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano is here today to teach us what's behind those PLU (Price Lookup Code) stickers on our produce. We've all seen the stickers all over our fruits and vegetables and probably just washed or pulled them off. Today, Sophie teaches us how to read those stickers and explains what those numbers actually tell us about our food. And later, Sophie gives some great tips on buying organic meat and produce for your family's budget.

Design Boarding the new Home & Family House!
With the unveiling of the new Home & Family home just around the corner, Designer Jennifer Farrell joins Mark and Cristina for a behind the scenes preview! Today, Jennifer shows us some of the new furniture and design elements that will be featured in the new house. Plus, Jennifer gives some great tips on doing a redesign in your own home!
Make sure you tune in on January 14th to get your first look at the new Home & Family house !

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