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Today on Home & Family: Murray Sawchuck

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Murray Sawchuck's Magic
The "Dennis the Menace of Magic," Murray Sawchuck, brings his own variety of mischievous magic to Home & Family today. Since he dazzled the judges on "America's Got Talent," Murray has exploded onto the entertainment scene with headline shows in Las Vegas and numerous TV appearances. Today Murray, and his signature wild hair, teach Mark and Cristina some of the magic basics!

Check out Murray's upcoming appearances here: www.murraysawchuck.com.

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Mammogram information with Dr. Lawrence Piro
Recently there have been a lot of conflicting studies questioning the timing and effectiveness of mammograms. To help clear up some of the confusion, today we welcome oncologist and President of The Angeles Clinic, Dr. Lawrence Piro. Today, Dr. Piro discusses some of the new recommendations on getting a mammogram as well as some of the new safety concerns around mammography.

Get more information from Dr. Piro here: www.theangelesclinic.org.

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Cristina Cooks
Today Cristina is helping us kick off the new year with a healthier outlook. Cristina has two simple recipes to show us how to make great tasting meals without sacrificing flavor. Today Cristina is preparing a low fat garden wrap and a veggie spring roll with sambal sauce. Plus, Cristina gives Mark a kitchen pop quiz to see how much he's learned over his last few weeks in the kitchen.
Get Cristina's Low Fat Garden Wrap recipe here>>

Get Cristina's Spring Rolls and Sambal Sauce here>>

Get more of Cristina's recipes here: www.cristinaferrarecooks.com.

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Organizing your Life with Linda Koopersmith
Celebrity Designer and Organizer to the stars, Linda Koopersmith is here today to help us get 2013 off to the right foot and organize our lives. Today, Linda goes over how organize our lives by creating an organizational system that is incorporated into our daily routine.

Get more organizing tips from Linda Koopersmith here: www.beverlyhillsorganizer.com.

Check out some of the great organizing tools from today's show here: www.um-brands.com.

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Mark's Custom Table (Pt. 2)
Mark and Cristina are back in the 'man-cave' putting the finishing touches on Mark's custom workbench. Today, Mark is going to show us how to add wheels to our bench. Plus, Mark gives some simple tips to make your DIY go smoother.
WATCH Mark build his Customized Workbench here (Pt. 2)>>

WATCH Mark build his Customized Workbench here (Pt. 1)>>

Get Mark's workbench directions here>>

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Chris Mann Sings
It was jus a few days ago that Chris Mann brought his famous voice to our holiday celebrations. Today, Chris is back singing the title song from his new CD "Roads."

Get Chris's new CD here: www.chrismannmusic.com.

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Shirley Bovshow
Fairy gardens and miniature landscapes are living works of art and great projects for the kids at home. Today, Shirley Bovshow is back to teach us how to make our own miniature landscapes and gardens. Plus, these little gardens are a perfect indoor project for aspiring gardeners who don't live in sunny southern California.
WATCH Shirley create her magical Fairy Garden & Miniature Landscape here>>

Get the instructions for Shirley Bovshow's Fairy Gardens here>>

Get more gardening tips from Shirley here: www.e denmakersblog.com.

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Jessie Jane
Founder and CEO of lilyshop.com, Jessie Jane is back today with some whimsical decorations for leftover mason jars. Today, Jessie is going to teach us how to create mason jar decor, a hugely popular DIY project on pintrest and on other social media spaces. With Jessie's tips you can create these supper stylish accessories at a fraction of the cost.

Find out how to make Mason Jar Decor here: www.lilyshop.com.