Joyce Giraud de Ohoven
Since wrapping NBC's "Siberia," Joyce Giraud de Ohoven talks about her decision to join the cast of " The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." She won't name names, but Joyce hints that she doesn't mesh with all the ladies of the 90210. Prior to getting cast, she tuned in as a viewer and was surprised to learn how non-scripted it really is. Joyce hopes her exposure on the show will give her a platform to raise awareness for the Queen of the Universe Pageant. She also talks about getting complete support from her husband to sign on.

Tune in for the season premiere of " The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on November 4 at 8/7c on Bravo. And, follow Joyce on Twitter @joycegiraud.

Jessie Jane's Spooky Halloween Specimen Jars
Jessie Jane takes on the persona of a mad scientist to concoct spooky Halloween speciment jars. She fills clear jars with ingredients you already have in your pantry. By adding food coloring, you can create intestines, zombie brains, gnome hearts, troll ears, mermaid hair, and more to creep out your dinner guests. Have you lost your appetite yet?

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Leslie Durso Cooks Skinny Jeans Alfredo
You may recognize Leslie Durso from "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Today, the vegan chef is here with a guilt-free pasta recipe that trims over 1,000 calories off traditional fettuccine alfredo. By using pasta derived from lentil, this gluten-free and vegan dish is a healthy Italian meal. Leslie adds her secret ingredient of cauliflower, which she explains offers a multitude of nutrients. To top it all off, it's only $2.35 per serving! Sign up to take her cooking classes at

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Shirley Bovshow Harvests Tomato and Pepper Seeds

Harvesting Tomato and Pepper Seeds with Shirley Bovshow
Instead of expensive store bought organic seeds, Shirley Bovshow steps into our garden to show you how to harvest your own tomato and pepper seeds. You can get as many as 100 seeds from one single tomato. Best yet, the seeds have a long shelf life of 3-5 years.

1. Don't harvest seeds from dry, shriveled tomatoes. Make sure there is enough pulp protecting seeds.
2. Harvest seeds from heirloom tomatoes. Avoid hybrid tomatoes. 3. Harvest pepper seeds from dried out crops. For more with Shirley Bovshow, visit and follow her on Twitter @FoodieGardeners.

The Most Spooktacular Halloween Houses
We've all seen over-the-top Christmas houses, but TV host and personality Debbie Matenopoulos unveils families who've decked the halls for Halloween. She takes you on a trip around the country to see some of the most spooktacular Halloween houses! First stop is Milwaukie, Oregon and "The Davis Graveyard." Second stop, "Mansion of the Macabre,” in Palm Harbor, Florida. Last stop is nearby in Sherman Oaks, California's "Boney Island." Lock your car doors and drive with caution if you dare to visit these haunted displays. One of the homes even belongs to a former producer of "The Simpsons."
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Judith Hoag Talks "TMNT"

"Nashville" Star Judith Hoag
Former "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" star Judith Hoag talks about getting recognized as her character April. Now, Judith is excited to be embraced by Music City as part of the " Nashville" cast and explore the true talent the town has to offer. She also talks about the struggle of being away from her two teenage children as she films on location in Tennessee.

" Nashville" airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC. Be sure to follow Judith on Twitter @heyjude629.

Noreen Fraser and Michelle McBride

Noreen Fraser & Michelle McBride
From the Noreen Fraser Foundation, Noreen Fraser and President Michelle McBride explain precisely what the BRCA gene is and how a mutation of this gene can indicate a heightened risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. They discuss the impact Angelina Jolie had by going public with her diagnosis as a carrier. Michelle shares her personal story of learning she had the BRCA gene, her family's history of cancer, and her decision to undergo surgery. But, she also offers women non-surgical treatment options.

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Halloween Gizmos
Mark Rober brings Halloween to the digital age. The former NASA engineer discusses his decision to leave his career in rocket science to launch an app that incorporates technology into Halloween costumes. Find out how to trick your friends into thinking you have a hole in your torso. Play mind games with moving eye t-shirts. Teach a human anatomy lesson by wearing a body morph suit this October 31. Or, expose the inner workings of your heart with your iPhone.

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Makeover Monday: The Single Mom Edition
Working mom Vanessa Alatorre was in need of a makeover before opening the doors to her new restaurant, Smok'n Grill. With best friend Danielle Kelly by her side, Vanessa gave herself over to the skilled hands of the "Home & Family" glam squad to work their magic. After receiving a full morning of pampering, Vanessa is ready heat up the kitchen. Our expert team of stylists explains why this new look suits her so well and how you too can add texture to an all-black outfit.

Check out the glam squad at: Mitch Stone, celebrity hairstylist,
Lindsay Albanese, celebrity stylist,
Viviana Martin, pro artist for Kevyn Aucoin,

Vanessa's new wardrobe was generously donated by Kohl's! Check out their fall fashions at

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