More with Reality TV star Kate Gosselin
Reality TV star Kate Gosselin returns to chat about her life as a single parent. Kate discusses her relationship with her ex-husband John and also shares how they manage their new roles as co-parents. Plus, Kate shares how she keeps order over a house with 8 children. And later, we learn how the family deals with the negative impact of reality TV stardom and Kate addresses some widespread misperceptions about her when she answers questions from Home & Family viewers.

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Jessie Jane's Thanksgiving Tablescape for Kids'
Today Jessie Jane shares a creative way to add some fun to kids' table this Thanksgiving. Jessie shows some simple crafts that you can do to make sure the kids’ table is still fun for your little pilgrims. And the best part, Jessie's craft is easy to make and is very budget friendly! for more craft ideas from Jessie Jane!

Chef Jack Witherspoon

Chef Jack Witherspoon
While in the hospital battling leukemia, 6-year old Jack Witherspoon discovered his passion for cooking. Now at 13, Jack has written a cookbook and raised over $100,000 for pediatric leukemia research. Today Jack hops into the Home & Family kitchen to teach us how to make his recipe for shepherd’s pie. .

Host of "The Test" Kirk Fox
Actor-comedian Kirk Fox stops by to talk about his new show " The Test." As a conflict resolution show "The Test" uses lie detectors, DNA tests, and any other definitive tests to provide answers to relationship difficulties, while seeking an overall resolution for the guests. Today Kirk shares some insights about the show and also puts Mark and Cristina through a "Home & Family" version of "The Test."

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Sophie Uliano's Winter Weather Skincare Solutions
Cold weather and dry skin seem to go hand in hand, but today Sophie Uliano shares some simple solutions to help soothe the irritation. With some inexpensive ingredients, Sophie shows how you can create soothing rubs and salves in the comfort of your kitchen. Sophie's salves and rubs are all natural solutions to keep your skin smooth and youthful through even the harshest of winters. . Follow Sophie Uliano on Twitter @SophieUliano, find her on Facebook Page GorgeouslyGreen, and check her out on Pinterest: GorgeouslyGreen.

Holiday preparations with Kym Douglas & Lay-Z-Boy

Kym Douglas Holiday Guest Spaces
With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to start planning for any out of town guests. So today, Kym Douglas offers some great tips on turning your living room into a comfortable guest space. With some help from our friends at La-Z-Boy furniture, Kym shows how you can convert a media or living room into the perfect guest room, complete with some surprise "Hotel Chic" touches!

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Joy Jars with Jill Simonian

Gifts that Give Back to Kids with Jill Simonian
"Fab Mom" Jill Simonian shares a great way that we can all give back this holiday season. Started by pediatric cancer patient Jessie Joy Rees, JoyJars® are stuffed with toys & activities for children fighting life altering medical illnesses. Joined by guest chef Jack Witherspoon and "Mini Vader" Max Page, Jill shows how you can help spread hope and joy to children most in need this holiday season.

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