Richie Marcello
Treasure hunter Richie Marcello tells us how his $40 million Tiffany window collection all started with a $12 pane of glass. We also get a special visit from a George Lucas-approved R2D2 replica signed by the entire "Star Wars" cast! Plus, Richie strings along a Fender guitar from U2's "Joshua Tree" album with Bono's autograph. And, he also features several pieces of Whitney Houston memorabilia, including outfits and a gorgeous clear piano.
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USAA Expert Ingrid Bruns

In observance of National Military Appreciation Month, United Services Automobile Association (USAA) expert Ingrid Bruns joins "Home & Family" to tell us how her organization provides financial planning services for military families. She explains the money challenges active duty soldiers and their loved ones face during relocation and deployment. Spouses are forced to reinvent their careers with each move and make new goals. Ingrid knows from personal experience just how difficult it is to deal with extended periods of separation from her husband. Military families can sign up for USAA services at

Pet Acupuncture Miracle with Veterinarian Lori Polkowski

Veterinarian Lori Polkowski, DVM, CVA saw the benefits of acupuncture to treat her own ailments and has found that the treatment translates to her furry and feathered patients, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. With mom Jessica Bonsonto by his side, dog Cash relaxes as Dr. Polkowski inserts needles under his skin. Cash's genetic condition caused paralysis, but after just three sessions, there was a noticeable improvement. Over time, Cash was able to walk freely again without the assistance of a wheelchair! @LoriThePetVet and find out more about the life changing work she is doing with California Animal Rehabilitation at and on

Ray Garcia Cooks Shrimp with Habanero and Ramps

Chef Ray Garcia
Executive chef Ray Garcia of Fig Restaurant tells us how the seasonal menu of his bistro is inspired by the local farmer's market. Today, he introduces us to ramps, which are a wild leek or wild onion, that is best described as an onion and garlic hybrid flavor. Ray makes a shrimp dish with haba ñ ero and ramps for Cinco de Mayo and also shares recipes for halloumi and cactus salad as well as rhubarb and strawberry agua fresca.

DIY Concrete Bookends with Jessie Jane

DIY Concrete Bookends with Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane crafts brick bookends for your home library shelf. First, she molds concrete in the shape of books. Then, using acrylic paint, she paints the blocks to match the covers of her favorite stories. and Facebook.

Ione Skye

Actress and author of "My Yiddish Vacation" Ione Skye discusses what it was like working with a young John Cusack in 1989's "Say Anything." Now, Ione's mission is to save the Yiddish language from extinction. She explains what a large part it was to the Jewish culture of her grandparent's generation, but is currently fading into the past. Ione even gives us a fun Yiddish vocabulary lesson. Follow Ione on Twitter @ioneskye1. "My Yiddish Vacation" is available May 13 on

Debbie M Bedroom Makeover by ZOOM interiors

ZOOM Interiors
ZOOM interiors, LLC co-founders Madeline Foster, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, and Lizzie Grover return to help Debbie Matenopoulos prepare her bedroom for her baby's arrival. Seeking a fresh, hip, classic, and inviting space, the team of designers work with Debbie to agree on a ZOOM inspiration board that blends all their ideas together. Working on a $3,000 budget, Debbie is able to get all new furniture, making the bed the focal point.
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Decorative Up-cycled Vases with Ken Wingard

Ken Wingard takes a plain clear vase and up-cycles it into an exciting and colorful vase with stripes or a pattern. He uses masking tape or rubber bands to cover the sections he wants to remain see-through. Then, with leftover spray paint, he colors the uncovered portion. To prevent cracking and chipping, Ken advises to wait until the paint is fully dry before removing the tape and bands. This is a great way to present your mom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother's Day. Materials:
-Rubber bands to make pattern on vase
-Spray paint -Allow to dry -Remove tape and rubber bands Instructions:
1. Be sure to spray paint in a well-ventilated area.
2. Use a combination of masking tape and rubber bands to create a custom look. 3. Allow paint to dry fully before removing tape and rubber bands from vase. Visit Ken Wingard at and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Makeover Monday

While on a flight, Ken Wingard was seated next to Meg Symes, director of special events & special gifts for Cancer Support Community Pasadena. He was so touched by the work they do, he asked the organization to elect a member to receive today's makeover. Laura Wending, program director, nominated 47-year-old cancer patient Jenny Mistrano. Her loving husband Sam explains how she's far exceeded expectations after finding a cancerous lump. All of Jenny's worries are pushed aside today as she enjoys the royal treatment. To elongate her petite frame, stylist Donna Dodd outfits her in Eileen Fisher. Celebrity makeup artist Laura Morton accentuates Jenny's eyes, making them pop. A natural blonde, Jenny decides to see if brunettes have more fun. Looks like the blissfully married couple is all set for a night out on the town! Meet the beauty squad:
Donna Dodd, stylist, Eileen Fisher,
Laura Morton, celebrity makeup artist,
Paul Norton, celebrity hairstylist, Sally Hershberger Salon, @paulnortonhair
Cameron Smith,, @spraytancam
Debbie Matenopoulos, TV host and personality, @iamdebbiem. Her new cookbook, "It's All Greek To Me," is available here.

Wigs provided by Hair Brats, Dinner provided by Join the cancer community at

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