Chris Harrison
"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison fills us in on Andi Dorfman's narrowed field to the final six suitors in Brussels, Belgium. In his many seasons on the show, Chris has noticed a pattern that bachelorettes zero in on their pick earlier than the bachelors, but he advises everyone to step out of their comfort zones and keep an open mind throughout the entire process. He also discusses just how sincere the contestants are or aren't in finding true love.
"The Bachelorette" airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

Basil Linguine with Pecorino Broiled Tomatoes

Chef Fabio Viviani Cooks Basil Linguine with Pecorino Broiled Tomatoes
Chef Fabio Viviani pre-cooks pasta for this easy-to-make tomato dish. In just three simple steps, you can create his summertime recipe for basil linguine with pecorino broiled tomatoes. Next, he answers a "Home & Family" viewer question about how to jazz up meatloaf with extra flavor. For more information on the chef and to subscribe to his newsletter, "Fabio's Kitchen Academy," go to

DIY Crate Bookshelf and Toy Bin

DIY Crate Bookshelf & Toy Bin with Jessie Jane
Does it look like a tornado blew through your house? It's possible to keep your house tidy and orderly even with little ones running around. Jessie Jane makes rustic multipurpose crates and bookshelves to store toys, books, stuffed animals, and more. She fastens rubber wheels to the bottom of the crates that won't scrape the floor as they swivel in all directions. Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere! and Facebook.

Dylan Walsh

Dylan Walsh
Actor Dylan Walsh tells us about playing a detective alongside Poppy Montgomery, whose character has a exceptionally accurate memory. The two partners also have a romantic past. Marilu Henner even serves as a consultant and guest star on the show. In reality, though, Dylan wouldn't want that superpower. He believes the ability to forget can come in handy. And, he tells us about "Unforgettable" getting resurrected from cancellation. Plus, find out about his childhood overseas.
"Unforgettable" airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

Kitchen Fashion Fixes with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas shares nifty tricks to solve fashion faux pas using items found in your kitchen. The freezer comes in mighty handy to make too-small shoes stretch to the perfect fit and to prevent angora sweaters from shedding. Bacteria can be frozen away by placing jeans in the fridge to avoid fading in the washing machine. Wipe scuffs off of suede shoes with a slice of stale bread. How's this for a spin cycle? Dry hand-washed delicate items in a salad spinner. And, steam wrinkles out of a blouse with a tea kettle. Get additional tips from lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas at Follow her on Twitter @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.

Prevention & Treatment of Ingrown Hairs with Dr. Neal Schultz

Dermatologist and founder of BeautyRx Skin Care Dr. Neal Schultz, MD joins us here today to educate us on ingrown hairs, which he refers to as the "revenge of the hair follicle." He demonstrates how ingrown hairs result from shaving and waxing. Dr. Schultz offers some treatments, such as warm compresses and over-the-counter Cortizone. Plus, he introduces us to pads that exfoliate our skin to prevent and treat ingrown hairs. For more information on how to take care of your skin, go to Dr Schultz's website

DIY Finger Paint with Tanya Memme

DIY Finger Paint with Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme mixes some ingredients together to make non-toxic homemade finger paint. Kids everywhere can enjoy creating colorful artwork with their hands. Put on your smock because we're in for a messy time!
@Tanya_Memme. Also, visit her on Facebook and check out

Makeover Monday

Makeover recipient Jarrette Lane of Atlanta, GA was nominated by Step It Up America senior director Phil Smith, who admires her passion for furthering her career while balancing a husband and child at home. Her sister Jasmine Arbreary is also here to witness the big transformation. Jarrette steps through the "Home & Family" front door to debut a brand new hairstyle with low lights and shimmering makeup with a pop of fuchsia lipstick. Her outfit is work appropriate, but with a slight tweak, is perfect for after hours too. Meet the Beauty Squad:
Tara Copeland, celebrity hairstylist, and @misscopeland310
Marcy Guevara, celebrity fashion stylist, @themarcyminute
Caren Elle, celebrity makeup artist, @lashwiz and
Debbie Matenopoulos, TV host and personality, @iamdebbiem. Her new cookbook, "It's All Greek To Me," is available here.

Learn more about Step It Up America online at or by phone at 1-844-489-6636.

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