Robin Meade
HLN anchor and country singer Robin Meade tells Mark and Cristina about her early years in broadcasting at local news station in her home state of Ohio and how she has learned to control panic attacks on air. Now, the journalist hosts "Morning Express" and carefully selects stories she deems appropriate to watch as you eat breakfast. Robin is also busy pursuing her passion for country music on her new album "Count on Me." She speaks about the influence her dad has on her and how one of her songs was inspired by a scene from the film "Bridesmaids." Then, Robin performs a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors."

Robin's album "Count on Me" is available now for purchase on iTunes and at Target stores nationwide.

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Fiona Gubelmann
" Wilfred" star Fiona Gubelmann reminisces about reading greeting cards as a pastime while she worked at her local Hallmark store during high school. The actress has since developed a new passion, for cooking! She enrolled in cooking classes to learn how to prepare food for various dietary concerns. She is vegetarian and gluten intolerant and her husband of five years is vegan. Fiona also talks about her romantic Christmas proposal and about adding a baby to the mix in a few years. Plus, she jokes about co-starring with a man in a dog costume and we give you a special sneak peek at an upcoming episode.

Season three of "Wilfred" premieres Thursday, June 20 at 10 on FX.

Pet Expert Panel
Today, we've assembled a panel of pet experts to discuss how to keep your pets healthy during the dog days of summer. "The Fairy Dogmother" Laura Nativo and veterinarians Dr. Karen "Doc" Halligan, DVM and Dr. John Lupo, DVM offer their educated insight on keeping your animals safe, grooming, vaccination, tick removal, detecting allergies, training, and teeth cleaning.

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Melanie Mills - Sunless Tanning

Melanie Mills
Ever wonder how your favorite "Dancing With the Stars" pros and celebs get their famous glow in the ballroom? Formerly the head makeup artist of "DWTS," the Emmy-winning Melanie Mills is here to show you all the spray-tanning secrets, so you can look bronze in your bikini. She explains that spray tans give a slimming illusion to your body. She demonstrates some techniques and products on two women to show the before and after effect.

Melanie endorses the St. Tropez self tanning line and applies their waterproof bronzing mousse ($42) on one of the volunteers. And, Melanie's even come out with her own collection, Gleam Body Radiance. It comes in four different shades for only $40 and is available at

Her book, "Glitter & Glam," hits shelves in September. For more with Melanie, visit

Cristina Bakes Brownies
Cristina is joined in the kitchen by "Wilfred" actress Fiona Gubelmann to bake a batch of rich-flavored brownies. They drizzle the brownies with ganache and then make the presentation of the dish visually appealing. Fiona even suggests alternate ingredients to make the recipe vegan-friendly for her husband.

Kids & Dog Safety with Laura Nativo
"The Fairy Dogmother" Laura Nativo returns, this time to discuss keeping your kids safe while in the presence of dogs. It's essential to always ask permission before petting a stranger's dog and to also take it upon yourself to read the dog's body language before approaching. Also, give a dog a treat using an open palm. If you hand it to them using your fingers, you may get bitten. Before adding a dog to your family, research breeds, but not all dog's temperaments are consistent with the profile of their breed. Each dog has a unique personality, so find one that will get along well with your children. and also check out Hallmark Channel's Pet Project at

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Hair Coloring for Men
Salon owner and hairdresser Jeff Swaner brings three of his male clients, Greg Wood, Dennis Dunbar, and Nathan Greene, along to discuss hair dyeing for men. He explains that the key to making it look natural is to go to a professional and not to do it yourself. Men want their hair coloring to look completely natural. Most men don't find it flattering as women do to receive compliments on the color of their hair. One of the customers also talks about dyeing his facial hair to match.
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