Holly & Rodney Peete
Founders of the HollyRod Foundation, actress Holly Robinson Peete and former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete openly discuss the trials and tribulations of raising their autistic son RJ. The couple speaks about coping with the initial diagnosis and how they've avoided divorce. Plus, they emotionally talk about RJ's milestones and are also proud to report that he now works at a summer speech camp to help other autistic children find their voices.


  • Autism affects boys four times more often than girls.
  • 500,000 autistic children will move into adulthood in the next decade.

To learn more about the HollyRod Foundation, please visit The organization will be hosting a fundraising event, DesignCare 2013 Celebrating 15 Years, on Saturday, July 27 in Malibu, CA with special guest performer Ne-Yo.

Metta World Peace
Before leaving town for the New York Knicks, Metta World Peace stops by "Home & Family" to discuss an issue near and dear to his heart. He founded Xcel University to focus on mental health prevention and even raffled off his NBA Championship ring for almost $700,000 to benefit the cause. Metta also elaborates on why he legally changed his name from Ron Artest and what it was like becoming a dad at age 16. Plus, the basketball star-turned-author reads a passage from his children's book, "Metta's Bedtime Stories."

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment
Neurosurgeon Dr. Nader Pouratian, MD shares information on a groundbreaking treatment to help alleviate symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Dr. Nader explains how deep brain stimulation surgery delivers electronic impulses to the brain to restore a more normal functionality. 500,000 Americans are affected by Parkinson's disease and 50,000 new cases are confirmed each year. The tremors and difficulty with movement and coordination that are symptomatic of Parkinson's can be debilitating, but as Dr. Nader Pouratian and Tonya Dapson discuss, this new surgical procedure may restore freedom of movement to those fighting this disease every day of their lives.

Facts & Figures:

  • The FDA approved deep brain stimulation in 1998.
  • Currently 100,000 people have undergone the surgery.
  • 30-50 people have DBS every year.

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Vegetable Garden Maintenance with Shirley Bovshow
The "Home & Family" vegetable garden is blossoming and thriving, so edible landscape designer Shirley Bovshow is here to assist with some necessary housekeeping. Shirley shares tips on ripening, harvesting, and pruning. Plus, Shirley offers a helpful hint on how to keep unwelcome critters away from your veggies.

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Cristina Cooks Banana Cream Pie
Cristina shares a yummy recipe for banana cream pie that's so good, Mark licks his plate clean to make room for seconds! For extra flavor, Cristina adds brandy and vanilla bean to the custard, giving a little extra kick! And, Cristina even discusses using vodka in the pie crust.

Bruce Lubin
Author Bruce Lubin will leave you scratching your head with just a fraction of his 10,001 easy solutions. Bruce solves everyday problems using ingredients that are probably already in your home. Bruce tells us how to revive dry or clumpy mascara and make stale potato chips and leftover pizza taste fresh again. Best yet, he has some amazing tricks to remove stains from leather and suede and shows you how to make your own laundry detergent.

Cat Scratch Artwork Board
TV personality Paige Hemmis brings her naughty kitty along to create a cat scratch board, so he'll stop tearing her new chair with his claws. She suggests framing a piece of your cat's favorite fabric to give them a designated place to scratch. You can use catnip or feathers to attract them to it.

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Mark's DIY Cornhole Platform
All of today's family members divide into two teams to play a friendly game of cornhole. Later, Mark shows us an instructional video, teaching us how to build a DIY platform for $45 or less.