Ed Asner
Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Ed Asner has made it after all! From newsroom boss Lou Grant on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to the voice of Carl Fredricksen, Ed has mastered the portrayal of grumpy characters. Now, the veteran thesp is trying his hand on a different type of role on "Men at Work" as an 80-year-old intern. He takes us on a retrospective of his impressive career in TV and film.
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Cristina & Hayley Christopher Cook Boeuf A La Nico

Cristina & Hayley Christopher Cook Boeuf A La Nicoise
"Home & Family" prep chef Hayley Christopher is stepping out from behind the shadows today to cook with Cristina. She credits her dad for inspiring her to pursue culinary arts and even shares a few personal family photos. Then, Hayley explains how to marinate short ribs for this tender boeuf a la nicoise recipe. Her newest cookbook, "The A.O.C. Cookbook," is available at

Kym Douglas' Post-Holiday Skin Detox
The New Year is the perfect time to hit the restart button on your skin care routine. Kym Douglas introduces some methods and products that guarantee healthy, glowing skin. These treatments will balance your pH levels, boost your metabolism, exfoliate your skin, and more.
2. Flush your system by upping your intake of high water content fruits and veggies.
3. Yogi Detox Tea supports healthy liver and kidney function. 4. Dry brushing boosts circulation and activates lymphatic system. 5. Exfoliation increases circulation and helps release toxins. 6. LUSH all natural, cruelty-free products,
7. Seacret Refresh Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer,

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Former Olympian and Super Bowl champ Willie Gault

Willie Gault
Former Olympian and Super Bowl champ Willie Gault tells us the secret to his fountain of youth. In his 50s, the star athlete is confident he is fit enough to play in the NFL and encourages other adults to exercise regularly. As a member of Team USA when the U.S. boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Russia, Willie has an unique perspective on mixing politics with sports. He also takes us through the emotions he felt when he took the field at the Super Bowl.

Chuy Bravo's traditional Mexican Taco recipe

Chuy Bravo
Chuy Bravo has made a name for himself as Chelsea Handler's sidekick on "Chelsea Lately." Thanks to the success of the show, Chuy has been able to check one item off his bucket list by fulfilling his lifelong goal of opening his Hollywood eatery, Chuy Bravo's Taqueria. That isn't the only dream Chelsea has made come true. Chuy reveals Chelsea's soft side, sharing a heartwarming story of when she bought him a new car. Then, he makes his signature tacos for us!
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Turning Trash Into Cash with Andrea Woroch

Turning Trash Into Cash with Andrea Woroch
Andrea Woroch encourages us to declutter our homes and turn our trash into cash. Cha-ching! Unredeemed gift cards, Groupon and Living Social vouchers, clothing, and jewelry can be sold in the online marketplace, consignment stores, and pawn shops.
Make money from gift cards and deal vouchers at and Get money back from selling new and used clothes at,,, and

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Slimming Plates with Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme explains how this tiny plate will help you slim down. By serving smaller portion sizes, you'll undoubtedly see weight loss results. She even teaches us how to design our own porcelain plates using food-safe paint and silk screen stencils.
Facts & Figures:
1. The average American dinner plate is 12" versus the average European dinner plate, which is 10".
2. The average American exceeds the recommended FDA serving size by 200 calories. 3. On average, people gain 7-10lbs. over the holiday season.

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How to Wear One Top Five Ways

How to Wear One Top Five Ways
We've all heard of the Little Black Dress. Well, style and trend expert Anya Sarre says it's all about the Little Black Cardigan. This wardrobe essential can transform into five day's worth of new looks. That's not all. Anya also showcases a piece of fabric that prides itself in transforming into 30 looks ranging from tops to dresses to a scarf, available at

Get these versatile outfits:
1. Perfect for the office: "Not Too Tights" by Wade and Belle,
2. Cardigans with thinner fabrics are more versatile,
3. For chic, affordable dresses, visit
4. Creating layers can be an instant slimmer! Pair a faux fur vest with Fidelity Denim jeans,
5. Transform your cardigan into a dressy top with statement jewelry,

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Makeover Monday: New Year, New You
Caretaker Marianna Griffin, 49, from La Quinta, CA has ditched her scrubs for the first dress she's worn in more than a year! Debbie Matenopoulos treats her friend to a day of pampering. The glam squad works feverishly to enhance Marianna's natural beauty. When she catches a glimpse of her revitalized look, Marianna can't believe her eyes. Plus, she doesn't walk away empty handed. She goes home with a gift basket of Mitch Stone's products to keep her hair looking great.
Marianna's dress was custom made and provided by Bailey Blue Clothing, Her leg wear is courtesy of Not Too Tights by Wade & Belle, And, her jewelry was generously provided by Dabby Reid,

A special thanks to La Quinta Resort & Club for welcoming Marianna and guest for a dinner and drinks at the Adobe Grill,

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Mitch Stone, celeb hairstylist,
Alexis Vogel, celebrity makeup artist,

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