Monica Potter's Valentine's Day Treats
Wake up and smell the roses! "Parenthood" actress Monica Potter turns rose petals into edible treats today. She even freezes them into ice cubes for a hint of extra flavor and decor to your glass. Plus, Monica brings a gift basket full of rose pepper rub for meats, a rose jam, a rose candle, and so much more. The Golden Globe nominee also tells us about her gorgeous red carpet ensemble and why Valentine's Day is so special to her.

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Preventing Credit Card Fraud with Andrea Woroch
Attention Target shoppers! Millions were targeted by cyber thieves at the height of the holiday shopping season. Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch breaks down the headlines for customers. She explains the dangers of stolen identities and how consumers can protect themselves and prevent falling victim. Andrea also discusses how new chip-based credit cards can solve this problem. In the meantime, be assured the U.S. Justice Department is investigating the security breach and she suggests consumers use paper over plastic and thoroughly check statements for unauthorized charges.
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Jessie Jane's DIY Jewelry Trays
All that glitters is gold! Jessie Jane makes glittery trays to display her precious gems. You can use either an acrylic or wooden tray. Then, seal your pattern with epoxy. and Facebook.

Tim DeKay Cooks Ratatouille
"White Collar" star Tim DeKay has enlisted Cristina to help him prepare for a new role. In an upcoming project, Tim will be making ratatouille on screen. Cristina teaches him the science behind the dish, including the how and why to sweat eggplant and onions.
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Hypnotherapist Kelly Sullivan Walden
Life is but a dream! Certified clinical hypnotherapist Kelly Sullivan Walden poetically describes dreams as "the language of symbols." These metaphors of our thoughts and concerns manifest in our sleep. She explains how to decode dreams using her special formula. Then, Kelly analyzes some of our family member's recurring dreams.
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Sophie Uliano's DIY Valentine's Day Soaps
Sophie Uliano's DIY heart-shaped soaps make great gifts for all your Valentines. After melting shea butter soap, she pours it into a heart mold to harden into form. Sophie also adds dye and a special scent that can help you sniff down "The Perfect Man."

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Makeover Monday
Style and trend expert Anya Sarre nominated her friend Lisa Hochberg for today's makeover. After conquering cancer and having the baby she always dreamed of, Lisa is ready to get back out on the dating scene. With her new look and glitzy accessories in tow, Lisa will have no trouble finding a husband and father to her son.
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