Bailee Madison
Bailee Madison draws similiarities with her "Trophy Wife" character. For one, the two girls take pride in being over-achievers. Bailee puts her competitive spirit on full display a bit later when we play a Presidential trivia game in honor of Presidents' Day. The young actress tells stories of working with an accomplished roster of other screen gems including Jennifer Aniston, Marcia Gay Harden, Teri Polo, and more. Currently starring alongside Malin Akerman, Bailee and her cast mates are anxiously awaiting word if their show will get renewed for a second season. She is also excited to share images from her very first magazine cover shoot.
"Trophy Wife" airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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Cristina Cooks Ricotta-Stuffed Chicken

Cristina Cooks Spinach and Ricotta-Stuffed Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes
Cristina and cooking-lover Bailee Madison work as a team to make a heart healthy meal. Cristina gives us a history lesson on the origin of Hasselback potatoes and then teaches the actress how to slice and fan out the spud. The pair also makes spinach and ricotta-stuffed chicken.
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Kym Douglas' Essentials Kit Bag
Avert a fashion disaster by having Kym Douglas' essentials kit at the ready. Plan ahead for wardrobe malfunctions with a sponge to remove deodorant stains from garments. And, double stick tape is a girl's best friend. The contents of Kym's bag also includes a bra extension and a way to stop your bra strap from falling off your shoulder. Plus, you'll never leave home again without this great moisturizing concealer from

The Essentials Kit is packed full with:
2. Tidy Up: 2 garment deodorant remover sponges
3. Haute Sheets: 30 individual super sticky lint removing sheets 4. Stay Put: 10 pieces of double sided fashion tape 5. Extend-a-Bra: 6 bra back extenders (3-clasp row: nude, black and white; 2-clasp row: nude, black and white) 6. Shoulder Savers: 2 bra strap cushions The Pure Style Girlfriends Essentials kit is available at

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Mark's DIY Floating Shelves

Mark & Cristina's DIY Floating Shelves
Mark shows Cristina how to hang whimsical shelves that appear to magically float on the wall. He tells us to select the size of the angle bracket based on the size of the largest book you'll use for the base. Then, Mark demonstrates how the pages of the book hide all the hardware once it's mounted. Lastly, stack other books and decorations on top.

Matt Lanter & Aimee Teegarden

Matt Lanter & Aimee Teegarden
Matt Lanter tells us all about his out-of-this world new role with co-star Aimee Teegarden. In "Star-Crossed," Matt plays an alien who falls in love with a human, played by Aimee. Set in the year 2024, the show has a "Romeo and Juliet" feel to it as their forbidden love develops. Then, Matt and Aimee are put to the test to see how well they know one another in real life.
"Star-Crossed" premieres on Monday, February 17 at 8/7c on The CW.

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Professor Sarah Townsend
USC assistant professor of management and organization Sarah Townsend explains why "misery loves miserable company." She educates us on studies that show you can lower your stress by being in the company of another stressed person. Professor Townsend discusses how cortisol levels measure stress. Plus, she has tips to lower stress in relationships.

Makeover Monday
Aspiring entertainment journalist Sarina Sandoval comes to "Home & Family" needing a bit of a make-under. Celebrity makeup artist Luis Casco helps Sarina streamline her daily cosmetic routine and gives her a JLo glow. In no time, the entire glam squad presents Sarina with a completely polished new look, as friend Marissa VillaNueva would agree. Sarina's look is now worthy to interview all the A-listers on the red carpet.
Meet the beauty squad:
Debbie Matenopoulos, TV host and personality, @IAmDebbieM
Luis Casco, celebrity makeup artist, @luiscascomakeup
Joseph Chase, celebrity hairstylist,
Daniel Musto, celebrity stylist,

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