(Original air date: Monday, July 29th, 2013)

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 (Original air date: Monday, July 29th, 2013)

Actress Vivica A. Fox
The one and only Vivica A. Fox joins "Home & Family" today! Vivica shares memories from her amazing career and even shares her biggest celebrity moment ever! Vivica also talks about her new show, " Mr. Box Office," where she plays a sexy high school history teacher. Plus, Vivica opens up about her new wig line and even lets a few of our family members model some of her products. And later, Vivica plays a Diana Ross inspired version of "Song Burst!"

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Cristina Cooks - Canned Tomatoes
Today, Cristina shows how to can your summer tomatoes and keep them flavorful all year along. Using some fresh tomatoes from the "Home & Family" garden, Cristina shows step-by-step how to properly can them and preserve their fresh flavor for months!
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Summer Foot Care Tips with Dr. Lisa Masterson
Joining Mark & Cristina with some summer foot care tips is co-host of " The Doctors," Dr. Lisa Masterson. She discusses ways to prevent infection and injury while still enjoying summer activities. And, Dr. Masterson shows off some of her Therafit shoe line, a line dedicated to supporting a woman's total body wellness.

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Boston Bombing Survivor Mery Daniel
Joining Mark & Cristina via Skype is Boston bombing survivor Mery Daniel. On that fateful day, Mery was standing near the finish line just as the bombs exploded. The impact of the blast knocked Mery off her feet and she would later lose her left leg. Today, Mery shares her amazing story of survival and discusses her rehabilitation alongside Paralympic Gold Medalist, Bonnie St. John.!

Tracy Metro Shows How to Protect Your Home From Ants
Everyone's looking for a break from the heat during the summer and that can also include armies of ants! Helping you to keep those unwanted pests from invading your home is Tracy Metro, who shares some great tips on keeping ants from taking over your home. Tracy goes from the outside in to show what you may be doing to attract a local ant colony to your home. Plus, Tracy shows you what you need to do if you notice a line of ants already indoors. and on Twitter @tracymetro.

Jessie Jane's Statement Jewelry Clutch
Creative expert and founder of, Jessie Jane shows how you can create your own DIY statement jewelry clutch! In stores, these types of clutches can cost thousands, but today Jessie shows how to make your own for a fraction of the cost. And, as Jessie shows, you can create a statement jewelry clutch to rival the high fashion ones at the store!

Kids Art Keepsakes with Donna Tetreault
Mom and journalist Donna Tetreault joins the show to share the prefect craft for the sentimental mom! Today, Donna shows how to turn your kids art projects into keepsakes for the entire family to enjoy. From wall hangings to coffee table books, Donna shows how you can repurpose your child's art projects into meaningful things for your entire family. to learn more about crafts that allow kids to create and have a place to organize art.

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