(Original air date: Monday, March 18th, 2013)

Cristina Cooks with Wes Brown
Joining Cristina in the kitchen today is one of the stars of the Hallmark Movie Channel Original " Shadow on the Mesa," Wes Brown! Wes learns some helpful baking tips as he helps Cristina make her her "Tunnel of Oozing, Fudgy Love Cake." Plus, we get a sneak peek at "Shadow on the Mesa," in which Wes plays a bounty hunter seeking revenge for his mother's murder. And later, as Cristina teaches the secret to making a fudgy cake, Wes talks about working with Kevin Sorbo.

>"> Get Cristina's "Tunnel of Oozing, Fudgy Love Cake" recipe here>>

Don't Forget to Check out Wes in the Hallmark Movie Channel Original, "Shadow On The Mesa."

Dr. Susan Love
For decades, Dr. Susan Love has been a leader in the fight against breast cancer. As a surgeon, researcher, and advocate, Dr. Love added patient to her resume when she was diagnosed with leukemia last year. Today, Dr. Love discusses her experience as a patient and impact on her quality of life as a result of the side effects of treatment. Dr. Love says that experience moved her to begin looking at the causes of breast cancer in a move to thwart the disease before surgery and chemotherapy become the only viable options. Plus, Dr. Love explains how her organization, The Army of Women, is giving all women, with or without breast cancer, the opportunity to partner with researchers and take breast cancer beyond a cure.

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Mark's DIY Repurposed Pallet Shelves
It's taken three days, but we finally have Mark's highly anticipated DIY Repurposed Pallet Shelves. With a little help from Wes Brown, Mark shows how you can turn a reclaimed pallet into a rustic looking wall shelf for just about any use at home. With just a few simple cuts and a 2x4, Mark shows how you can easily create these rustic shelves. Plus, today's 'guy time' gives Wes a great opportunity to share how he was cast in HBO's hit series "True Blood."
NOTE: You can pick up shipping pallets anywhere, but it's important to remember that some pallets may have been treated with chemicals that can be harmful to your family. As Mark points out, you should look for any possible warning stamps on the pallet before you bring it into your home.

Tax-Free Retirement Plans
As the country continues to fight its way out of recession, many Americans are confronting the scary prospect of trying to rebuild their retirement plans. Today, financial expert Harvey Warren is back with some advice to help those recovering or just starting to plan for retirement. From insurance and social security to taxes and spending, Harvey explains the complex financial rules that will make your golden years, truly golden!

Kimmy Gatewood & Rebekka Johnson
DIY experts Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson join the family today, showing how to create a glamorous pinup girl look at home! Completely affordable, Kimmy and Rebekka's feathered crafts are a perfect gift or accessory.
What Are The Tools You Need?
Hot Glue Gun, Craft Pliers, Scissors, Feathers, Single Earing, Fabric, Hair Clips.
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Chef Jonathan Rollo
Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop Chef Jonathan Rollo shows some new and creative uses for tofu. As a popular meat alternative, tofu has a bad reputation as bland and flavorless. Today, Chef Rollo explains some of the basics of working with tofu and offers a flavorful recipe that will change the minds of any tofu skeptic! Plus, Chef Rollo brought along a special gift for the new "Home & Family" garden!

Shirley Bovshow
Today, garden designer Shirley Bovshow is showing how you can grow beautiful fruit trees without a giant yard. Shirley shows a variety of small fruit bearing plants that will thrive in a variety of settings.
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