Albert Tsai
Nine-year-old "Trophy Wife" actor Albert Tsai is wise beyond his years. The young television star discovered his passion for showbiz at seven when he did a school play. Since being cast on the ABC sitcom, Albert tells us about the familial relationship he's formed with his co-stars, crew, and production team. Marcia Gay Harden even reads him the first "Harry Potter" book in the voices of the characters and Malin Akerman is teaching him to speak Swedish. Albert's character Bert isn't too far a stretch from himself. Both boys enjoy dancing, among many other similarities.
"Trophy Wife" airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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Cristina Cooks Nutter Butter Cookie Pops

Cristina and Albert Tsai go nuts for Nutter Butter Cookie Pops. After putting a popsicle stick into the Nutter Butter, cover the cookie with vanilla frosting. Then, using a food-friendly pen, draw a bunny face for Easter. Cristina also shares that vanilla oreos hatch great baby chick cookies.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Baskets

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Baskets with Dian Thomas
Professional speaker and author Dian Thomas makes adorable Easter baskets using a roll of toilet paper. After spray painting the paper a bright spring color, she rolls on contact paper. Then, Dian adds a face and feet to make a fun animal, such as a chick, pig, duck, or bunny. To finish, she drops pieces of candy down the center of the roll.

The Burpo Family

The Burpo Family
At just four years old, Colton Burpo, now 14, had a brush with death. He remembers being escorted by an angel to the pearly white gates and being greeted by family members who had already passed. As fate would have it, Colton's time wasn't up and he miraculously returned. His mom and dad, Todd and Sonja, explain the moment when they first believed Colton's stories of observing them on Earth and meeting his grandfather and sister who had been miscarried. The family is very satisfied with how their tale is depicted in the new film "Heaven Is For Real" and tell us the message they hope moviegoers leave the theater with.
"Heaven Is For Real" is in theaters April 16.

Erica Hubbard

Actress Erica Hubbard shares her favorite piece of relationship advice that her "Let's Stay Together" role Kita Whitmore dishes out. From the south side of Chicago, Erica can relate to her character's tendency to speak her mind. Speaking out against drugs and gang violence is what Erica does best when she visits schools in at-risk neighborhoods. She encourages students to avoid hanging with the wrong crowd and gives them hope it's possible to escape that environment. "Let's Stay Together" airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on BET.

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ZOOM Interiors

ZOOM interiors, LLC co-founders Madeline Foster, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, and Lizzie Grover have returned, this time to spruce up the "Home & Family" media room for the spring season. The ladies discuss the color palette they've selected, which includes light blue walls and pops of trendy bright pink and mint green decorative accents. The ladies also explain how they plan to balance the room with the arrangement of furniture pieces. Plus, Madeline is excited to her add her own personal touch with custom painted artwork. The three women are all ready to spring into action. They have only 24 hours to complete the project from start to finish. Tomorrow, they'll be back for the big reveal. The clock starts now! Learn more about the virtual design process on a budget at

Teaching Children to Swallow Pills with Dr. JJ Levenstein

As children grow, many medications typically come in pill form only. But, some kids struggle with swallowing a tablet. Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP has a helpful trick for children who find it challenging to swallow a capsule whole. Parents should encourage kids as young as five or six to practice with candy when they're healthy. You can gradually increase the size of the candy as they overcome their fear. Dr. Levenstein also explains the advantages pills have over liquid or chewable medications. The Candy Approach to pill swallowing with a Change in Head Position (by Bonnie Kaplan, Ph.d at the University of Calgary)>>

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Easter Nest Wreath with Ken Wingard

DIY Easter Nest Wreath with Ken Wingard
Ken Wingard embarks on a scavenger hunt for moss. Then, he demonstrates how to remove it from the tree trunk without harming the bark. Back at the "Home & Family" house, Ken crafts a wreath with a nest and places Easter eggs inside. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Makeover Monday

Makeover recipient Charissa Elvington is long overdue for a haircut. The busy mom of four and special education teacher trims her mane only once per year. Today, hair expert Marco Pelusi chops off 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love for the organization to make wigs for young adults and children suffering from illnesses that cause hair loss. Three of her four children, Brittney, Nathan, and Patricia Rose Elvington are also here, anxiously awaiting their mom's new look. When she first sees her eye-popping transformation, Charissa's jaw drops to the floor. Meet the beauty squad: Marco Pelusi, hair expert,
Desirae Cherman, celebrity makeup artist,
Marcy Guevara, fashion stylist,
Debbie Matenopoulos, TV host and personality, @iamdebbiem. Her new cookbook, "It's All Greek To Me," is available here.

Charissa is also going home with: 1. Marco Styling Products,
2. Laura Mercier,
3. Movie tickets for the family.
4. $150 gift certificate to STK Los Angeles to enjoy a steak dinner with friends. Follow STK on Twitter @STKLosAngeles.
5. Dress by Lane Bryant,
6. Shoes by Barefoot Tess,

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