Military Mom Makeover
Today on "Home & Family," Mark and Cristina welcome two lucky military wives and treat them to a full makeover. Jennifer Hubenthal & Katie Guillory exemplify the selfless sacrifice of all of our military families, pulling double duty as both wives and moms. Today, with the help of famed hairstylist Jose Eber, we're giving these two ladies a new look to kick off 2013.

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Cristina Cooks
Today, Cristina has some great recipes to add extra flair to your New Year's Eve Celebrations. For 2013, we're throwing out the traditional chips and dips for some bold flavors and creative presentations. Cristina is showing us how to make a unique and spicy Bloody Mary Chili and Antipasto Pizza that are sure to help make your New Year's Eve celebration memorable.

Mark's Custom Made Table
Mark and Cristina are in the Home & Family 'man-cave' today making a customized workbench. With some simple pieces from your neighborhood hardware store, Mark shows us how to make a workbench that can be customized to fit any workspace. Plus, this simple project is perfect for all the aspiring DIY experts in your home.
Trial & Heirs", stop by to share their expert advice on the pitfalls to avoid when planning your will and trust. Plus, Danielle and Andy explain some of the most common legal terms to understand when making out a will or trust.

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Foreigner Sings and Cooks
From the band " Foreigner," Kelly Hansen and Jeff Pilson are here today talking all things rock & roll. Plus, Kelly and Jeff talk about their work to support music programs in schools around the country. And later, Kelly shows off his talents in the kitchen, making his signature guacamole recipe. Then, it's Mark's turn to make some guacamole magic...but he has to do it while blindfolded and can only select his ingredients by smell.

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The Nutcracker
Very few things say Christmas like "The Nutcracker." Today, Mark and Cristina welcome Allyssa Bross, principal dancer for the Los Angeles Ballet, who is currently appearing in "The Nutcracker." Today, Allyssa talks about her journey from her first ballet class to her starring role in this year's performance of "The Nutcracker." Plus, Allyssa teaches Mark some ballet basics!

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