Meghan Markle
The beautiful Meghan Markle joins our home and family today. Fans of the hit legal drama " Suits," will recognize Meghan as the aspirational paralegal Rachel Zane. Today, Meghan talks about the show and even gives us a little spoiler ahead of Thursday's season finale. Plus, Meghan shares how the cast and crew of "Suits" have created their own home and family on set. And later, Meghan takes us into the kitchen and teaches us how to make meatless tacos!


The "SUITS" second season finale airs Thursday, February 21 at 10pm on USA.

DIY Door Molding with Paige Hemmis
From ABC's " Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," designer Paige Hemmis is helping Mark add some new flare to our new house! Paige and Mark are adding dimensions to our doors by incorporating custom door molding. This DIY project is perfect for anyone looking to add style to a non-standard width door. And especially for older homes, this custom molding can save you hundreds of dollars versus a new custom door.

Relationship Guru Michael Somerville
Comedian and relationship guru Michael Somerville is back to help Mark learn about women's habits that guys just typically don't understand. From buying shoes to watching sad movies, Michael gives a hilarious take on how the genders constantly baffle each other. And later, Michael is giving answers to some of our viewer relationship questions! Plus, you can follow him on twitter at: @M_Somerville.

Safe Snow Shoveling with Heather Devito
While snowfall can be a beautiful sight, digging out your car or driveway can be a real pain. In fact, an average of eleven-thousand people each year will make a trip to the emergency room for injuries suffered due to improper snow shoveling. With that in mind, we've got physical therapist and CrossFit coach, Heather Devito, to show you some simple techniques to help you avoid shoveling injuries. Today, Heather shows us how different shovels and techniques can save you from making a trip to the emergency room!

Hidden Fast Food Dangers
We all know that fast food can be high in calories and filled with fats, sugar and salt. But, Dr. Jim Sears from " The Doctors" is here to show us some of the other hidden dangers lurking in your favorite takeout! From hidden sugars, phosphoric acid, and even antifreeze, Dr. Sears has some truly frightening information about our fast food! And later, Dr. Sears shares some important tips on creating healthier lifestyles for you and your families!

Learn more about Dr. Sears at his website: And, make sure you check out "The Doctors" at:

Fixing Lower Back Pain
Each year some 70 millions work days are lost due to back pain! Today, Mark and Cristina are working out with yoga & dance instructor Desiree Bartlett, who is going to teach us some useful exercises to help relieve that lower back pain. Especially for anyone sitting in an office all day, Desiree's techniques include some simple adjustments and exercises to improve you posture and train your body to avoid stressful positions.

If you want to check out any of Desiree's DVD's, visit and enter PROMO CODE "Home&Family" to Save 15% on any DVD!