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Today on Home & Family: Mayim Bialik

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Mayim Bialik
Star of the hit series "Blossom" and Emmy nominated actress on " The Big Bang Theory," Mayim Bialik joins the family today! First Mayim talks about her 12 year break from acting, when she finished school, earning a PhD in neurobiology. Now a regular character on CBS's hit comedy, "The Big Bang Theory," Mayim gives a few juicy details on what to expect from season 6 of the show. And later, Mayim talks about her work encouraging young women to pursue careers in science and math through DeVry University’s HerWorld initiative.

>"> WATCH Mayim Bialik talk about "The Big Bang Theory," and her work to encourage women in math in science>>

Watch Mayim Bialik on "The Big Bang Theory," Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

Learn more about Mayim Bialik's work with Devry University's Herworld Initiative: devry.edu/stemready/Herworld/

Mayim is also a Brand Ambassador For Texas Instruments: education.ti.com/en/us/home.

Gluten Free Cooking with Alex Thomopoulos
Cristina's daughter Alex is back with with another healthy and gluten free recipe. In honor of Earth Day, Alex demonstrates how to make her Zucchini Pesto Pasta. And, not only is Alex's recipe green for Earth Day, it's also super healthy and gluten free!

WATCH Alex Thomopoulos demonstrate how to make her her Zucchini Pesto Pasta>>

Get Alex's Zucchini Pesto Pasta Recipe here>>

Get more recipes from Alex Thomopoulos at: www.alextcooks.com.

Learn more about the 2013 national education conference and gluten-free expo at: www.celiac.org/conference.

Here's your chance to spend a week with Alex, learning the in's and out's of Gluten Free cooking: www.jovialfoods.com/getaway.

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The Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano
We couldn't celebrate Earth Day without our favorite Eco Expert, Sophie Uliano! Today Sophie shows how some everyday tips and products that can make every day Earth Day. Plus, Sophie's tips and products will not only make your home greener but will also save you money!

Check out Sophie Uliano's Simple Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day>>

Get more green living tips from Sophie Uliano at: GorgeouslyGreen.com.

The Fairy Dogmother, Laura Nativo
" The Fairy Dogmother," Laura Nativo, is back sharing some of her favorite earth-friendly products for your pets. From your pooch to your kitty, Laura has a great selection of eco-friendly products for the 4-legged members of your family. Plus, Laura has some great and heart warming doggie adoption stories!

WATCH Laura Nativo Show the Latest in Eco-Friendly Pet Products>>

Check out all of Laura Nativo's Earth-Friendly Pet Products>>

Get more tips and products for your pets at: lauranativo.com.

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Litter Spinners Courtesy of Smart Pet Choice: litterspinner.com.

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From "American Pickers," Mike Wolfe
From The History Channel's hit reality series "American Pickers," Mike Wolfe is on the show! Today, Mike talks about the show and shares how he developed his passion for picking! Plus, Mike talks about his new kids' book "Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk into Treasure." And later, we let Mike delve into the “Home & Family” garage to see what treasures he can unearth!
Check out more from Mike Wolfe, including his new Kid Pickers site at: www.antiquearcheology.com & www.kidpickers.com.

From HippoWorks.com, Denis Thomopoulos
Since Earth Day and the environment are family affairs, Cristina's step-son Denis Thomopoulos joins Home & Family today. Denis is the founder of HippoWorks.com, an eco-friendly website that uses entertainment to encourage responsible environmentalism among children. Today, Denis walks through the many features of HippoWorks.com and shows how kids can have fun while learning about the environment.

Get more Helpful Hints on Your Kids and the Environment from Denis Thomopoulos>>

You can find Simon Says “Let’s Stop Climate Change!” on www.HippoWorks.com and www.amazon.com.

Visit www.HippoWorks.com with your children for cartoons, games, and more!

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Super Mommy…Not's, Donna Tetreault
Returning family member and founder of Super Mommy…Not, Donna Tetreault returns with more advice on holding family meetings. Today Donna focuses on making family meetings work with older children, including teenagers! Plus, Donna gives an update on how her two little guys are doing, now that they use family meetings to work out their problems.

Get more parenting tips and advice from Donna Tetreault at: www.SuperMommyNot.com.