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Matthew Hussey

Today on "Home & Family," Mark & Cristina welcome back international relationship expert Matthew Hussey. Today Matthew answers viewer relationship questions, but first Matthew offers his advice on finding a "mate for life." And later, Matthew explains why "hard to get" won't work! If you want to see Matthew in person at one of his "Get the Guy" seminars, you’re in luck! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to 5 lucky winners watching our show today (4/1/2013)! To enter, just follow us on twitter @homefaminsider and re-tweet our tweet #gettheguy and you're entered! We'll choose 5 winners at random and will notify you if you've won!

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Mind Boosting Superfoods with Dr. Lindsey Duncan

Nutritionist and naturopathic physician Dr. Lindsey Duncan returns today sharing his top picks for mind-boosting "superfoods." Today Dr. Lindsey explains how the food we eat can also help to harness extra brain power. Plus, Dr. Lindsey offers a few tips on where to buy and how to to prepare his top mind boosting "superfoods." >"> Get all of Dr. Lindsey's Mind-Boosting "Superfoods" here>>

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Little Darth Vader, Max Page
"A long time ago in a galaxy far away," Max Page cemented himself in the annals of television history as "Little Darth Vader" in the wildly successful Volkswagen commercials. Today, Max joins the family and shares the secret to his amazing Darth Vader impression. And later, Max (with his mom's help) talks about his rare heart condition that propelled Max into becoming a health advocate. And later, Max shares a special message that he will be taking to congress! >"> WATCH Little Darth Vader, Max Page, share the secrets of "the force">>

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Cristina Cooks

Just for April Fools' Day, Cristina has a great recipe today to trick your family. Using some creative decorating, Cristina shares how to make Meatloaf Cupcakes with Yukon Gold potatoes. While they may look like a sugary treat, Cristina's cupcakes are a beautiful and savory twist on a traditional favorite. Plus, Cristina also offers some tips on how to make sure your meatloaf is always moist.

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DIY Planter Mailbox

The Queen of the Garden, Shirley Bovshow is back today adding more curb appeal to the "Home & Family" house! First, Shirley offers some useful tips on clearing out dead trees and plants. Then, Shirley shows how to turn a simple mailbox into a be beautiful custom planter. @Hallmarkchannel and retweet #Creativemailbox for you chance to win!

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Today's flowers were provided courtesy of The Armstrong Garden Center & The Suntory Collection.

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DIY Fleece Blankets with Andrea Schroder

Andrea Schroder is back with an inexpensive and sewing-free craft for the entire family. Today, Andrea, with the help of her daughter Paige, shows how to make your own fleece blankets. Plus, as Andrea and Paige demonstrate, this craft is simple enough for the kids to get in on the fun. And later, Andrea gives tips on making a personalized fleece for your 4-legged family members. @andreaschroder.

Forever Young
It's a clash of generations today when Mark & Cristina chat with two cast members from TV Land's new show, "Forever Young." Today, Korean War Vet Eugene Palmer and Millennial Sam McLaughlin talk about the show, were a group of 20-somethings share a house with a group of senior citizens. Plus, Sam and Eugene share what they've learned from each other, proving that you're never too old (or young) to learn something new!