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Today on Home & Family: Margaret Cho

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Margaret Cho
The Grammy nominated comedian and actress Margret Cho is on the show today! Margaret chats about her new international comedy tour, "Mother." Inspired by her own mother, Margaret shares some of the more hilarious memories from her childhood, including how her father got her started in comedy. Plus, Margaret chats about her experience on "Dancing With the Stars" and her Emmy-nominated portrayal of Kim Jong Il on NBC's "30 Rock."

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Check out the "Notrious Cho" at her website www.margaretcho.com. Plus, between today and Sunday, you can download a free copy of her Grammy nominated album "Mother."

You can also follow Margaret on twitter at: @MargaretCho.

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Dr. Ian Smith
You'll probably remember a few weeks ago, Cristina decided to try Dr. Ian Smith's "Shred" diet. Well, today, Dr. Smith is back to check in on Cristina. Mark, Cristina and Dr. Smith talk more about the "Shred" diet and also discuss some common dieting pitfalls. Cristina opens up about her own difficulties in keeping on the diet, giving voice to many people who struggle with weight loss. And later, Dr. Smith and Cristina hit the kitchen to show some of the healthy recipes from Dr. Smith's "Shred" diet.

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To learn more about Dr. Ian Smith and “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet," visit: www.doctoriansmith.com.

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The Home &Family Pregnancy Series: Sleep Survival
We're continuing our pregnancy series today with an important topic for all new parents: sleeping! Pediatric Sleep Consultant and co-author of "The Sleepeasy Solution" Dr. Jill Spivack stops by with some great tips to help new moms and their babies get restful sleep. Plus, Dr. Spivack offers some tips not just for new moms, but for moms with older children who may also have sleep problems.

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Get more child sleeping tips from Dr. Jill Spivack at: www.sleepyplanet.com.

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Mark's DIY Doggie Door
With the help of our guest host Lucy the dog, Mark is going to show you how to make your home a little more pet friendly. Today, Mark is going to show you some simple tips to help you make and install your own doggie door. And, Mark has some great simple tips to make your doggie door fit any dog and still keep your home safe.

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Find your own 4-legged friend at: www.muttmatchla.org.

Freestyle Skiing Champion Simon Dumont
Skier Simon Dumont holds the world record for the biggest air in a quarter pipe: 73 feet in the air. Today, Freestyle Skiing Champion and member of the US National Ski team Simon Dumont joins the family. Today, Simon talks about his success in skiing, including his numerous X-Games medals, and his involvement in getting free skiing in the Olympics. Simon also discusses his numerous injuries and how he manages safety with his love of the sport. And later, Dr. Smith joins the conversation to discuss a parent's perspective on safety in sports.
Check in on Simon Dumont on Facebook and Twitter at: @SimonDumont06 and www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-Dumont.

You can also check out Simon's web series, "Drop In with Simon Dumont," here: www.youtube.com.