Louise DuArt & SQuire Rushnell
Often called one of the world's greatest comedic-impressionists, Louise DuArt stops by the show today! Louise has gained critical acclaim for her uncanny impersonations of America's most famous celebrities. Today, Louise brings some of her most famous acts to the show. And later, Louise's husband SQuire Rushnell joins her to talk about their inspiring and uplifting new book " Godwink Stories." and check in on Louise and SQuire on Facebook at

Reel Talk
Award season is in full swing and no show is bigger than the Academy Awards! Today, Mark and Sandie take a look at this year's nominees and give their picks for Oscar night. Plus, Louise DuArt sticks around to channel our favorite celebrities to announce this year's nominees.

Kelly Boyer
From the farm-to-table meal delivery service Paleta, Chef Kelly Boyer, is here to check on Mark and Cristina's 3-day juice challenge. Today, Kelly offers some helpful information on detoxing, plus she offers some great advice on doing a detox safely at home. Plus, Kelly talks about what types of juice combinations may work for your specific nutritional goals. And later, Kelly offers some important tips on juicing with your family.

American Idol Alum Colton Dixon
From season 11 of "American Idol," Colton Dixon performs on the show. Today, Colton recounts some of his favorite memories from his time on "Idol." Plus, Colton preforms two new singles from his debut album "A Messenger" that hits shelves later this month.

>"> WATCH "American Idol" alum Colton Dixon perform from his new album>>

Learn more about Colton and check out his new singles here:

Mother Daughter Workout with Angela Parker
Fitness expert and author of "90 Days to a Stronger Body & Deeper Connection with your Daughter," Angela Parker joins the family today. Angela chats with Mark and Cristina about how her exercise program has been integral in helping moms and daughters develop closer relationships. Plus, Cristina and her daughter Arianna join Angela for special mother daughter workout.

Learn more about Angela Parker's mother daughter exercise program here:

Cristina Cooks
Fresh off a 3-day juice cleanse, Cristina and Mark are in the kitchen making the healthiest thing possible, French Fries! Today, Cristina is going to teach Mark, and all of us, how to make perfect French Fries! And, Cristina shares with us the secret to creating a perfectly crisp French Fry from scratch!