Les Gold of "Hardcore Pawn"
From TruTV's hit reality series " Hardcore Pawn," Les Gold joins the family. Today, Les shares some great stories from his now legendary pawn shop and recounts some of the more memorable items people have tried to pawn. Plus, Les explains the rights that every consumer has when pawning merchandise and even shows us the items he would never pawn. And later Les gets down to business and shows Mark & Cristina how he breaks through the sob stories and sales pitches to assess the real value of merchandise!

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Peter Greenberg
Award-winning journalist and CBS News travel editor, Peter Greenberg is here with his cash saving travel tips. First Peter explains how the mega-merger between USAir and American Airlines will affect future airfares. Peter also explains why the best deals are not always online. Plus, Peter has some great tips on how you can bypass automated phone systems all together!

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Vegan Chef Leslie Durso
Vegan Chef Leslie Durso is back today with a heart healthy steakhouse themed vegan menu! Leslie's "man's meal" includes a twice baked chipotle sweet potato and wine poached portobello steak! Leslie's recipes are low calorie and even put a smile on Mark's face! Plus, we've got a special presentation from the Home & Family team!

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Hot Flash Sales
Sandie Newton is back today with another great collection of Hot Flash Sale items. Before Sandie shows off her new sale items, she has some great information on the updates to the Hot Flash Sale website! And, just like every week, Sandie has an amazing collection of jewelry, handbags, and even some of Mark's favorite things! Plus, all you Facebook fans out there can get some exclusive deals and bonus items available only to our friends on Facebook.

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Energy Drink Dangers for Teens
From Red Bull to Monster, energy drinks have become all the rage for adults and teens alike. And, while the short term energy boost may seem great, the dangers for young people are often over looked. Today, internist and nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis is here with some very real warnings about the serious dangers that can come with energy drinks.

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Mark & Cristina Update the Coffe Table, Part 2
Mark and Cristina are back in the garage finishing off the new coffee table. On Tuesday, Mark showed us how to add simple extensions to our old table to make it more suitable for the new house. Today, Mark and Cristina are demonstrating how to put the final touches and give the table a high-end finish.

Mark's Change Your Life Series
Katie and Kristy Aiani are back for an update on their progress in "Mark's Change Your Life Series." Today Katie and Kristy share their video diaries, including a trip to the grocery store for some healthy choice shopping. And later, Dr. Edward Giaquinto stops by to update us on Katie and Kristy's work identifing the harmful triggers that lead them to make unhealthy choices. Dr Giaquinto is an expert on assiting people restructure faulty thinking to decrease and eliminate negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
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