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Today on Home & Family: Katrina Parker

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Katrina Parker
Top 8 Semi-Finalist from NBC's "The Voice," Katrina Parker joins the family today! With a voice that's been described as "powerful" and "passionate," Katrina quickly became a crowd favorite and was called "the embodiment of "The Voice" by Rolling Stone magazine. Today Katrina shares how she funded her debut album through the popular crowd funding web site, kickstarter.com. Plus, Katrina gives a behind the scenes look at what it was like working with Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine! Plus, Katrina performs from her debut album, " In & Out of the Dark," hitting stores this summer!

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Tracy Metro
Ringmaster of the " Domestic Cirucs," Tracy Metro is back with some Easter themed craft ideas for the kids! First Tracy shares a few crafts that are made entirely by repurposing Easter egg leftovers. Plus, Tracy shares some useful sugar-free crafts to counter all that Easter candy!

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Cristina Cooks
It's the prime season for artichokes making this the perfect time for Cristina to share some simple tips for artichoke preparation. And, to go with her perfectly prepared artichoke, Cristina makes a simple cucumber vinaigrette dipping sauce that's fresh and non-fattening. Plus, Cristina shows how to use the artichoke heart as a serving dish for the cucumber vinaigrette that's surrounded by artichoke flowers.

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What to Know When Buying your First Home
Estate planning and probate attorneys Danielle and Andy Mayoras are back with some important information on buying your first home. Andy and Danielle stress the importance of house shopping with your head and not with your emotions. Plus, Andy and Danielle discuss what it means to be "house poor" and offer some important tips on how to avoid it. And later, Andy and Danielle discuss how to negotiate the purchase price and how to set up the title.

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Celebrity Chef Dean Sheremet
Starting with some fresh herbs from the Home & Family herb garden, today Celebrity Chef Dean Sheremet prepares savory edible egg baskets. As Dean prepares his update on traditional Easter dinner, he offers some great tips on how to get the best taste using great quality ingredients. Plus, Dean shares how you can make use this recipe template and customize your own edible egg baskets!

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Glitter & Silk Tie Easter Eggs with Jessie Jane
Crafting expert Jessie Jane is back showing how to make Easter eggs that will last for years! First Jessie shows how to blow out eggs and clear out the yolk for this craft. Then Jessie shows how to apply a thin coat of mod podge and glitter to create beautiful sparkly eggs. And later, Jessie demonstrates how to use silk ties to create a beautiful tie-died Easter egg!

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The Home & Family Pregnancy Series
Ruzan, Dr, Hyman and via Skype, Natalie Thomas, are all back for another edition of the Home & Family pregnancy series. Today, Dr. Hyman explains why some moms are choosing to harvest cord blood at delivery. Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells and recent studies have shown that these cells are useful in treating a number of life-threatening conditions. Dr. Hyman discusses some of the pros and cons of harvesting cord blood along with some of the groundbreaking research surrounding use of cord blood stem cells.

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