Karen Kline
It's a story that made headlines nationwide and brought the issue of bullying to a new level in the national conversation. Today Mark & Paige talk (via Skype) to Karen Klein, the 68-year old bus monitor who was bullied by the very students she was working to keep safe. Since cell phone video of the incident went viral, Karen has become a national figure and advocate for anti-bullying efforts. Today Karen recounts the incident and lets us all know how she has turned the spotlight into a move to fight bullying.
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Nancy O'Dell Mark’s former "Entertainment Tonight" colleague Nancy O'Dell stops by Home & Family today. Nancy updates Mark & Paige on the latest entertainment gossip plus Nancy shares her stories of getting started in the TV business. Nancy also shares her love for scrap booking and later, she helps Mark & Paige create their own Home & Family scrapbooks.

Lindsey Sterling Lindsey Sterling is perhaps the only artist in the world to blend classical violin with hip-hop and modern dance. Her performances merge her unique violin stylings with electronic dub-step beats and animated dance moves. After being passed over by major reality shows, Lindsey took her talent to the web, producing her own music videos that have generated over 150 million views on YouTube. Today Lindsey brings her unique style to Home & Family with an energetic performance of "Crystalize," her most popular piece that has generated over 22 million views on YouTube. For more on Lindsey Sterling visit her at:

Anthony "Sully" Sullivan For all of the insomniacs out there, Anthony “Sully” Sullivan is probably a familiar face. From "OxiClean" to "Kaboom," Anthony has become the ultimate pitchman for the most popular infomercial products. Today Anthony is on Home & Family to show you some of his favorite products. Plus, Anthony gives us tips on making the perfect product pitch. But wait, there's more! Sully teaches Mark how to make the perfect infomercial pitch! For more of Anthony's stuff:

Sandie Newton It's Thursday and that means Sandie Newton is back for the Home & Family Hot Flash sale! This weeks items include Seda France candles at 64% off as well as bath and beauty products at prices you have to see to believe! And a new addition to our Hot Flash sales; a portion of the proceeds from each week's Hot Flash sales will go to support an animal rescue group. This week, we'll be donating to Wags and Walks, an organization that works to find shelter animals suitable and loving homes. For today's Hot Flash sale visit us at

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Natalie Forte Natalie Forte, our resident “Food Magician” is back in the Home & family kitchen today. Natalie’s recipe for today is her "Cozy Quinoa" that’s perfect for those chilly nights ahead. And later, Natalie explains how to effectively buy organic produce. While organic foods offer numerous nutritional benefits, including being pesticide free, buying organic foods can be expensive. Today Natalie explains "The Dirty Dozen" versus "The Clean 15," a grouping of foods that will help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and are the most important to buy organic.

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Pete Hieatt Back by viewer request is the unofficial Home & Family handyman, Pete Hieatt. Today Pete is showing us how to create a smokeless tabletop fire pit. With some simple pieces from the 99¢ Store, Pete shows us how to make a charming and romantic fire pit that is safe for indoor use.