Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
When you hear the the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys you may find it hard to believe that they are from the western hills of New Jersey. But their bluegrass sound is all real and they're performing live on todays show! 10-year-old banjo picker Jonny Mizzone along with his brothers Robbie (13) on fiddle, and Tommy (14) on guitar became an overnight YouTube sensation, nabbing over 50 million views! Today Mark and Cristina hear how 3 boys from New Jersey learned to play such soulful bluegrass. Plus, the brothers share how they came up with their band's unique name. And we couldn't let the bluegrass phenoms leave without letting them tear it up on the Home & Family stage!

Johnathon Schaech
Actor Johnathon Schaech joins the family today! Hitting theaters this weekend, Johnathon's new movie, " Phantom," is a Cold War-era thriller about about a Soviet submarine captain leading a covert mission that could spark a global nuclear war. Jonathan gives a sneak peek of the new movie and later, tells Mark and Cristina about his first big break in the original "Hairspray." Then Jonathan, a big Ravens fan, tells us all about getting to go to the big game for the first time this year!

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Michael Somerville
Comedian and relationship guru Michael Somerville is back answering more viewer questions. Today Michael answers questions about first date etiquette and also offers some fantastic gift giving advice. Plus, Michael takes advantage of the great Southern California weather to show hoe he grills Salmon, Veggies, and Bread! Or, you can drop us a line on Facebook at:

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Jessie Jane
DIY diva Jessie Jane is back helping prep for the Home & Family baby shower! Keeping with our vintage theme, today Jessie shows how to make DIY pom poms! Jessie's pom poms are budget friendly and are super easy! Plus, this craft isn't just for baby showers; you can easily remake these pom poms for a wedding or a backyard luau!

Make sure you join us next Thursday, March 7th, for the Home & Family Baby Shower!

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Sean Kanan
Seven years after A.J. Quartermaine was killed on ABC's " General Hospital," actor Sean Kanan is reprising his role as the trouble-making heir to the Quartermaine Dynasty. Today, Sean shares his thoughts on returning to "GH," now celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Plus, Sean gives a little insight on being a gentleman with some tips from his new book, "The Modern Gentleman: Cooking and Entertaining with Sean Kanan." And you really don't want to miss Sean's martial arts demonstration, guest staring Mark!

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Shirley Bovshow
Garden designer Shirley Bovshow is putting the finishing touches on the new rose & herb garden! First Shirley demonstrates how to properly prepare the bed for planting using her new tool, the Spork! Then Shirley takes us step by step through the planting process, giving some great tips on how to properly plant your roses. Plus, Shirley does the final reveal and walks us through the layout and organization of the herb and rose garden. And keep up with Shirley on twitter at: @GardenWReport.

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Chris Ipsen & Jeff Edelstein
At this time of year, most of the country is in the cold and snowy grips of winter. Freezing temperatures and driving ice and snow can bring down power lines and paralyze local officials. Today, we've got Jeff Edelstein, owner of SOS Products, along with the Emergency Preparedness Manager for the City of Los Angeles, Chris Ipsen, with some useful tips and products to weather not just winter storms, but any type of crisis situation. And later, today's family members participate in an impromptu taste test of emergency food rations! &