John Michael Higgins
From " Happily Divorced," John Michael Higgins stops by today to chat about the show and his amazing co-star, Fran Drescher. John, who plays Fran Drescher's real life ex-husband, shares some of his favorite moments from the show. And later, John relives his singing days from "The Break-Up" by leading the Home & Family choir in some a cappella Christmas songs.

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Cristina Cooks
Today, Cristina is teaching us how to make a succulent Rack of Lamb. Perfect for the holidays, Christina's recipe is a welcome break the from weeks of leftover turkey. And, although Cristina admits that this recipe can seem intimidating, following her simple tips makes creating this gourmet dish a breeze. Plus, Cristina demonstrates how to finish off the artful dish with a White Bean Puree to accompany the plated lamb.

Don Felder
Just a day after we met his daughter Leah, legendary Eagles guitarist Don Felder joins Mark and Cristina today. Not just a proud dad, Don talks about his musical contributions as well as his New York Times bestselling book " Heaven and Hell." Plus, Don plays the Eagles classic "Hotel California" as well as "Fall From the Grace of Love," from his new solo album.

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Kenneth Wingard
DIY Expert Kenneth Wingard is back today to teach you how to make some simple holiday decorations for your windows and doors. First up, Kenneth will show you how to create a very simple Christmas Window Box. And Later, Kenneth shows you how to make creative and colorful Ornament Wreathes.

Window Boxes

Nursery foam Window box Greenery Globes Christmas lights 1. Soak nursery foam in water
2. Place in bottom of window box
3. Anchor greenery in foam
4. Place lights in globes
5. Place globes on greenery

Ornament Wreaths

Wire hangar Assorted ornaments Ribbon 1. Undo hangar and shape into circle
2. Bend ends into hooks
3. Thread ornaments onto wire
4. Interlock hook ends
5. Add ribbon

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Dr. Nina Shapiro
Director of Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat at UCLA, Dr. Nina Shapiro, shares some important information for parents. Author of " Take a Breath," Dr. Shapiro discusses some common breathing issues among children and offers some advice on recognizing if your child may have a breathing problem. Plus, Dr. Shapiro talks about how some breathing dissorders and sleeping problems can possibly affect your child.

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Tanya Memme
"Lifestyle and Home Design Sweetheart" Tanya Memme is back today to show you how to add uncomplicated accents to your kitchen. Tanya shows you how to create a cabinet hardware template that will allow you to incorporate your own personal style into your kitchen accent pieces.

Using a Cabinet Hardware Template:

1. Measure the width of your new handle between each of the threaded screw holes.
2. Line up the template to the cabinet door/drawer*. Mark where the holes are needed.
3. Drill the holes with a drill bit of the appropriate size.
4. Drill at a slower speed with a lightweight drill so as to have more control.
5. Insert the screws from the backside of the door/drawer and tighten the screws into the new knob or pull.

*Note: remove drawer Get more of Tanya's DIY Tips here:

Orly Shani
It's a reasonable guess that we all have at least one pair of shoes gathering dust in the closet, but today's guest is going to teach us how to breath new life into those poor unfortunate soles. Tuc + Wes Clothing Designer Orly Shani shows us how painters tape, glue, and your imagination can turn drab into fab, making your old shoes look designer new.