Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels
From the hit weight loss show "The Biggest Loser," fitness expert and author Jillian Michaels joins the family today! Jillian talks about her new book, " Slim for Life," and offers a few important takeaways that will help anyone lose weight and keep it off. And later, Jillian dispels some popular weight loss myths and gives a preview of her upcoming " Maximize Your Life" tour. And later, Jillian hits the kitchen to prepare her healthy almond-orange rainbow trout with chipotle yogurt sauce!

The Home & Family Wedding
Today Mark and Cristina introduce you to Charlie Bontempo and Gabi Kiss. Charlie and Gabi dated for eight years before getting engaged this past October. Today, Charlie and Gabi join Home & Family to start the first leg of their "Home & Family Wedding." Over the next few months, Charlie and Gabi will be sharing their journey as they prepare for their big wedding day. Today Gabi and Charlie introduce themselves and talk about how they met. Plus, the couple shares their romantic engagement video from the world famous Trevi Fountain!

Cristina Cooks
Cristina is back in the kitchen sharing a special indoor grilling recipe. Today, Cristina makes chicken breasts grilled with spicy orange-ginger glaze. The ginger is a wonderfully natural ingredient to help relieve nausea, vomiting, and fever. Cristina also offers some great tips for indoor grilling for our viewers who are still fighting off the winter blues.

Celebrity Designer David Meister
From Sharon Stone to Jennifer Hudson, David Meister has been the go-to clothing designer for Hollywood's A-list stars. Today, David joins our family and shares his secrets for dressing the stars. David also spills the beans and he shares which stars are fun to dress and which ones are a big headache. And later, David turns the breakfast nook into a high fashion runway and shows the hottest pieces from his Spring 2013 Collection.

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Wedding Designer Kristin Banta
Now that we've got a couple, we've nabbed wedding and event designer Kristin Banta to get our Home & Family wedding series off and running. As the owner of her own boutique and event design firm, Kristin has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries through getting to know her clients and "developing each client's unique point of view." Today Kristin talks with Charlie and Gabi about their personal style that she'll infuse into their wedding. Kristin also talks about creating a wedding theme that reflects the story of the couple.

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Celebrity Jeweler Neil Lane
Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane is showing off the bling on today's show! Neil's work has been seen most prominently on ABC's "The Bachelor." Today, Neil shares how he got his start making jewelry at a young age. Plus, Neil shares how he helps guys find the perfect ring for their special ladies. And later, Neil shows off some of the glamorous Hollywood jewelry that's made him a celebrity among celebrities.

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Staining the Deck with Tanya Memme
Lifestyle expert and host of A&E's "Sell This House," Tanya Memme is helping put the finishing touches on the new deck. Today, Tanya demonstrates how to treat and stain your deck, but first, Tanya explains some important facts about staining and sealing. Later, Tanya shows how to pick out the right stain for your deck and also demonstrates how to get the best results at home. Plus, Tanya shares some great tips staining an older deck and on applying stains and sealants to all weather surfaces.