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Jaclyn Smith
It must be the holidays because today we've got an angel on our show. Jaclyn Smith became a household name as "Kelly Garrett" on the hit "Charlie's Angels," and today she has descended to earth to talk about her role on the 70's cult classic. And later, Jaclyn and her husband, Dr. Brad Allen, talk about her revolutionary age-defying skincare line and her stunning line of designer wigs.

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Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller
Food writer and nutritionists Robin Miller is the bestselling author and host of " Quick Fix Meals." Today, Robin brings a page from her new book " Robin Takes 5," and shares with us the tips to making a healthy and tasty meal with only 5 ingredients. Robin's 5 ingredient or less recipes include bacon wrapped tenderloin and garlic Parmesan sticks.

Hollywood High's H2O
Today Mark and Cristina welcome some very talented young people to the Home & Family stage. Hollywood High Schools premier vocal ensemble, better known as H2O, has received national recognition for their performances. Led by Grammy Nominated composer/producer/teacher, Stormy Sacks, H20 has received national recognition for their vocal talents. So today, with final exams are over, the kids stopped by to entertain Mark, Cristina, and the entire Home & Family team.

Learn more about H20 and their upcoming performances here:

Traveling with the Kids
Travel Expert Nicole Hockin and Pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp are here today to give everyone tips on traveling with the kids during the holidays. As we enter the heart of the busy travel season, Dr. Harvey and Nicole are offering some great tips to prep your kids for those long holiday travels. Plus, with these tips, parents shouldn't have to be worried about their little travelers causing a scene on the plane!

Get more travel tips from Nicole Hockin here:

Get more tips on keeping your toddler happy from Dr. Harvey Karp at: or @happiestbaby.

Cristina Cooks
Mark is off cooking duty today, as Cristina is teaching us to make a gorgeous cheesecake. While Cristina's recipe is perfect for Christmas, you can easily swap the look for any holiday. Plus, Cristina's recipe is easily stored making it perfect for anytime!

Holiday Debt with Harvey Warren
Consumer debt expert, Harvey Warren is here today to show how to beat those holiday debt blues. If you're like us, we plan on a budget for the holidays, but shortly after, it all goes out the window. Well today Harvey will give you some easy steps to make sure you don't bust your wallet this holiday season including:

1. Make a list and set the price you want to pay for each person- also known as "a budget." – Impulse buying is what gets most holiday shoppers in trouble.

2. Wrap up your credit card – wrapping your card in a plastic sleeve will make you think twice before spending

3. Give gifts that keep on giving – books vs. video games; knowledge will continue to bring value

4. Make it personal – you'll save money and it will mean more

5. Make a small charitable donation to your favorite cause in someone's name - $10 donation you can help someone in need and control your spending. $10 can go a long way in the right charity (feed a child for a month, simple antibiotics save lives, etc.…).