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Author of "The Girlfriend's Guide" series Vicki Iovine
Author Vicki Iovine is on the show today with her advice to survive and thrive after divorce. Vicki shares how she coped with her own divorce from music mogul Jimmy Iovine, four years ago. Vicki talks about life before, during, and after divorce, including finding new love, kids, emotions, and money.

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AJ Khubani CEO & Founder of "TeleBrands"
Today, Mark and Cristina welcome the man behind some of your favorite gadgets and gizmos, AJ Khubani! If you've ever wondered how that million-dollar invention ended up in an infomercial, AJ has your answers. Plus, AJ shows off some of the newest and most popular gadgets on TV right now! And later, AJ talks about his biggest product successes and about his biggest product flop!

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Actor Harry Van Gorkum from "Happily Divorced"
From TV Land's " Happily Divorced," Harry Van Gorkum stops by today. Harry talks about playing Fran Drescher's cantankerous new neighbor, Neil. And later, Harry teaches Mark and Cristina how to do the robot! Plus, Harry gets a special message from one of his cast members!

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Sophie Uliano
Eco expert and Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano is back to share her tips on naturally detoxing your home. First, Sophie explains how harmful chemicals make their way into your home. And then, Sophie will show you how a few houseplants and some simple changes to our habits will help reduce the number of harmful chemicals and allergens present in our homes. And later, Sophie offers some great tips on improving the air quality in your home.

Chef Beau MacMillan
Chef Beau MacMillan's distinctive style of American flavors with Asian accents has propelled him to international acclaim. Among his many accomplishments are his 2006 victory over Chef Bobby Flay on Food Network's "Iron Chef." Today Chef MacMillan is helping us celebrate National Pancake Day and teaching us how to make the ultimate pancake. Chef Beau shares his recipe for Blueberry & Lemon Pancakes with Honey Pine Nut Butter. Plus, we get a few simple tips on making the perfect pancake!

Mark & Cristina's DIY Bookshelf
What began as a fun project with family member Henry Czerny has now grown! Today, Mark and Cristina are teaming up to finish off their DIY bookshelf and add some personal touches. Plus, Mark gets to bust out some power tools and use the project sprayer to give their DIY bookshelf a splash of color!

Shirley Bovshow
Garden designer, Shirley Bovshow is teaching the Japanese art of kokedama. Kokedama (translates to "moss ball") is a Japanese practice of removing a plants root system from its container, surrounding it in a mud cake, and then wrapping the whole mess in moss before winding it in string. These free-hanging gardens have recently exploded in popularity among DIY gardeners and are sure to make a unique addition to you own.

Superstar Trainer Sara Haley
Certified fitness instructor Sara Haley has traveled the world and trained with some of the hottest celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna! Today, Sara is going to show us how to "excuse proof" your workout. Taking some tips from her new workout DVD "Sweat Unlimited," Sara is going to show us how we can work out with only 5 minutes a day!
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