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Today on Home & Family: George Wallace

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George Wallace
Today on "Home & Family," comic legend and Las Vegas headliner George Wallace joins the family! George talks about starting out in the business, when his roommate was epic funnyman, Jerry Seinfeld. Plus, George lays out his vision for a 2016 presidential run! And later, we get to see some of George's culinary skills when he cooks with Chef Danny Trace.

WATCH Comedian George Wallace make his pitch for a 2016 presidential run>>

Make sure you check out George Wallace at his website, www.GeorgeWallace.net. Or, you can follow George on Twitter at: @MrGeorgeWallace.

Kenny G
Grammy winning musician Kenny G is back today. Kenny is joined again by legendary songwriter and producer Walter Afanasieff. Today Kenny breaks out his saxophone and serenades the family with a soulful performance of his song, "Loving You." And later, Team Kenny and Team Mark Face off in our first "Home & Family Easter Egg Relay Race!"

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Chef Danny Trace
From Brennan's Houston, "The Crown Jewel of Texas Creole Cuisine and Southern Hospitality," Executive Chef Danny Trace dazzles in the Home & Family kitchen today. Danny creates a crustacean sensation, his BBQ Crawfish with Black Pepper Buttermilk Biscuit Shortcakes. Plus, Danny shows how to make a scrumptious recipe for Bananas Foster, which also happens to be comedian George Wallace's favorite dessert.
WATCH Chef Danny Trace make his delicious BBQ Crawfish with Black Pepper Buttermilk Biscuit Shortcake>>

Try Chef Danny Trace's BBQ Crawfish with Black Pepper Buttermilk Biscuit Shortcake Recipe>>

Get Chef Danny's recipe for Bananas Foster>>

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Cristina's Easter Tablescape & Cupcakes
Just in time for Easter Sunday, Cristina shares tips on creating an elegant Easter tablescape. As always, Cristina shows how to incorporate class and style to your meal presentation. Plus, Cristina's Easter theme incorporates springtime elements to brighten your table, even if spring hasn't sprung outside. And later, Cristina shows how to make Carrot Shaped cupcakes, perfect for Easter dessert!
Get Cristina's Tablescape instructions here>>

Try Cristina's Carrot Shaped cupcake recipe here>>

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Katie Cazorla
Celebrity beauty expert and owner of The Painted Nail Salon, Katie Cazorla is back today! We've seen nail art before, but today Katie shows how to turn your nails into Easter Eggs and Peeps! Katie's nail art is simple and fun, and is a great way to get into the Easter spirit!
Get Katie's Easter themed Nail Art Craft here>>

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Tamara Berg
Crafting guru Tamara Berg is back with a beautiful craft for the Easter holiday. Today Tamara shows how to create whimsical Panoramic Sugar Egg decorations.
Get Tamara's Panoramic Sugar Egg Craft instructions>>

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Hot Flash Sale
Sandie Newton is back with this week's Hot Flash Sale items. From jewelry to amazing flameless candles, this week's sale items won't disappoint. Plus, this week's pet charity, Lucky Puppy, has as very special puppy in need of a loving home.

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